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Geocaching für Kinder in den Osterferien

31. März 2015 // 0 Kommentare

Eine gute Idee wie ich finde, nur schade , dass das Wetter nicht mitspielt. #geocaching #geocaches #wien Ferienspiel in Wien in den Osterferien 2015 bietet Geocaching und [...]

Gesucht wird der Geocacher des Monats März 2015

31. März 2015 // 0 Kommentare

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month Geocoin. You know you're a geocacher if… When you get asked, “Cash or Card?” you hand the teller a lock-n-lock… You wake up early to be first in line for ammo can sales… You've been to a CITO event (Cache In, Trash Out), and… You've been nominated for Geocacher of the Month! This month, these three awesome people know for certain that they're geocachers (in case they had any doubts before). Here's your opportunity to help decide who will take home the earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin (at left). Each featured Geocacher of the Month will receive the exclusive special edition geocoin, a hat and profile icon. They'll also receive a certificate acknowledging their contributions, signed by two of the founders of Without further ado, here are the March 2015 nominees for Geocacher of the Month. SchlurieSchlurie is famous in Rheinland-Pfalz for creating fun and inspiring geocache hides. His particular specialty is birdhouse caches, which have generated a lot of “WOW” moments for geocachers over the years. His nomination comes from Gruet: “Es sind alles selbst gebastelte Vogelhäuschen der Extraklasse. Raffinierte Tricks zum Öffnen, versteckte Mechanismen und integrierte Elektronik. Alles mit Erlaubnis der Gemeinde in einem wunderschönen Waldgebiet installiert. Über 40 Favoritenpunkte in nur einem Monat sind selbst erklärend!” All the caches [in the series] are homemade birdhouses of the highest order. You'll find clever tricks required to open them, hidden mechanisms, and even integrated electronics. All placed with permission from the land manager of a beautiful area of forest. Over forty favorite points in just one month! FivebalesIdaho geocaching team Fivebales are all about strengthening their location geocaching community. Their nomination comes from you+me_makes4, who says, “I'd like to nominate Fivebales as Geocacher of the Month because of the amount of work that they put in behind the scenes. One half of Fivebales has been the Event Manager for the Yuma Mega Event for the past two years. It's a largely thankless job that requires countless hours of work for an amazing annual Mega Event. The second half (and, I'm sure in her words, better half) of Fivebales has served as Secretary for South West Arizona Geocachers (S*W*A*G), the group that organizes the annual Mega. She also organizes a monthly newsletter that is sent out to every member of S*W*A*G to keep up on local happenings and events. The Yuma, Arizona geocaching community would not be where it is without them, and this is our way of thanking of them for all the hard work.” chuck80196Missouri-based cacher chuck80196's nomination comes from Stearman5: “This geocacher has found just about every geocache within the local area and is often traveling to other states to get his daily geocache. Chuck80196 has a current geocache find streak of over 1600 days with a find, and he is motivated to keep that steak going. After he passed 1,000 consecutive days with a find he was surprised at a local ice cream event with a golden ammo can; GC4F08J. He has over 880 first to finds and of late holds back to allow others the chance to get their first FTF; especially if he has already gotten his geocache for the day. He has over 4,900 finds and should pass 5,000 finds by April 5th of this year. He not only gives out favorite points but also receives them. Out of his 181 caches he has received 205 favorite points that is an average of 1.1 points per cache. And out of the caches he has found he has given out 460 of his 491 favorite points available that's 94% given away. Chuck80196 is ALWAYS willing to help another geocacher out and if you know him he is probably the number one PAF [Phone A Friend] option on your list. And at events he is easily one of the most outgoing social persons at the event. Everyone loves to geocache with him and enjoys chatting it up when you cross paths with him.” Comment below to tell us who you think should be the March 2015 Geocacher of the Month. If your nominee wasn't recognized here, please submit your nominations again next month. We're always looking for the next Geocacher of the Month. To nominate a geocacher, If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered for the honor, simply fill out this webform. You'll need to include the following information: Your name, the name of your nominee, their username A picture of the nominee Description (200 or more words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Featured Geocacher of the Month Please inform your nominee that you have submitted them for the award. Once Geocaching HQ has received the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so that we might learn from each other. [...]

CITO in Eisenstadt am 28.03.2015

28. März 2015 // 0 Kommentare

Zum zweiten Mal haben wir in Eisenstadt heute am Cache in Trash Out Event teilgenommen und wie immer ist einiges an Müll zusammengekommen. Nach getaner Arbeit haben umso [...]

Geocaching: Wieder ein Polizeieinsatz!

17. März 2015 // 0 Kommentare

Geocaching: Wieder ein Polizeieinsatz! Erneuter Großeinsatz von Polizei & Feuerwehr – Obacht bei der Wahl des Cacheverstecks Es ist nicht das erste mal, dass [...]

Geocaching in Absdorf

17. März 2015 // 2 Kommentare

Den schönen Vorfrühlingstag am 8. März 2015 nutzten Ladybird68 und meine Wenigkeit für eine Geocaching Runde in und um den NÖ-Weinort Absdorf. Die Anreise war ganz [...]
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