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ENIGMA (GC427TF) — Geocache der Woche (engl.)

19. Dezember 2015 // 0 Kommentare

Geocache Name: ENIGMA (GC427TF) — by The Seeker League Location: North Canton, Ohio, USA N 40° 52.645 W 081° 24.875 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D4.5/T1.5 Why this is Geocache of the Week: Enigma is pure geocaching entertainment. It's the kind of cache that you'll walk away from smiling, even if you DNF. If you do manage to locate the famed yellow logbook, you'll walk away shouting with laughter. See for yourself. Here's a video provided by the cache owner, The Seeker League. What geocachers have to say about it: “Woo hoo!!! Been wanting to get this but kept putting it off cause of the stigma with it!!! But decided we should give it a try since it may be disabled soon. Otter9 joined us and we spent almost an hour but we FOUND IT!!!! So happy! Thanks for all the time you took to put this together! It lives up to its reputation!” –MR DR “Wow what a cache! A dozen of us teamed up to work this puzzle. Took over an hour before we finally had the yellow golden ticket log in hand!” –Heidi & Zeke Jones “Awesome! Messed around with the whole contraption and all the areas. Dropped a trackable that needs to get moving in a race! After looking everywhere ( and making a few trips back to the car for hats, gloves, and warmer coats), we started to think our way through the device. Mommy Scout started dancing around and singing when her hand retrieved the yellow log! Very exciting moment for me. (Yes, I need to get a life, huh?) Thanks for the fun cache. Took us about 20 minutes. Gets a favorite for sure! TFTC!” –ThorScouts What the Cache Owner, The Seeker League, has to say about it: Where did the idea for this sort of large, mechanical multi-part field puzzle cache?“After 3 years of looking for a place to put it, I asked my husband Iron Horse to build a kinetic art sculpture to use as camouflage for this container. Over the next year and hundreds of hours, all the loose pieces of metal and machinery within our garage found its way into his hands and onto ENIGMA.” The cache itself looks fairly complicated — did you have a pretty clear idea of what it would look like before you started construction, or was it sort of a “flying by the seat of your pants” kind of thing?“There was no plan, no idea what it would look like at the end. ENIGMA evolved into 500 cubic feet of contraptions, containers and fun!” What's been your reaction to all the wonderful logs by people who've found your cache?“Reading the logs about our creation are very enjoyable. Watching the videos from the area have given us even more hours of entertainment, as we never know what is going to be said or what reaction cachers are going to have while doing ENIGMA. Never a dull moment that's for sure! Cachers are warned that at ENIGMA you might just be on camera!” What's your favorite creative geocache hide?“We had the honor of doing some spectacular caches while attending our 4th GeoWoodstock at XIII in Boonsboro, Maryland 2015. One of our favorite caches is GC4W6QX ‘GBC 3 – Mechanical Drawing 101' by WVTim in Martinsburg, WV. His caches are all so creative it was difficult to choose just one favorite.” Is there anything else you would like to say to the Geocaching community?“Remember Geocachers, getting lost is more than half the fun. We have lived some of our greatest moments while being lost. Turn off interstates on your GPS unit, take the long back roads and enjoy life. See you on the trail.” Photos: Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Kuş Evi / Bird House (GC4W8G4) — Geocache der Woche (engl.!)

10. Dezember 2015 // 0 Kommentare

Geocache Name: Left: | Right: Kuş Evi / Bird House (GC4W8G4) — by haoral Location: Üsküdar, TurkeyN 41° 02.075 E 029° 01.926 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D3.5/T3.5 Why this is Geocache of the Week: This week, we're recognizing a creative geocache in a country that just got its first souvenir: Turkey! Birdhouses, or Kuş Evleri in Turkish, are literally built into much of the Ottoman architecture in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey. This geocache was placed in tribute to those birdhouses. “Kuş Evi / Bird House” is a tree-climbing cache, the first of its kind in Turkey, in fact. Finding it qualifies you to add a special banner to your profile. Starting this week, you'll also earn the brand-new Turkey souvenir for finding this, or any other geocache, in Turkey. What geocachers have to say about it: “This cache was my main target this afternoon: I like tree-climbing and I like banners . This one combined both. At least after I had found it! There were quite a few people around, thus I had to look carefully. After a looooong while I found a short trail and the tree. Getting to the cache was no problem but then there was the locking system that needed to be overcome. It wasn't too difficult but something new to me! I really liked it! This whole cache is definitely worth a favourite point! Greetings to the owner! TFTC!” –kinderarzt “I wanted this one to be my 300. cache, so i saved itaccordingly during our Kuzguncuk tour. I have bern listening to the praises of this cache for months. I found some bird house caches in Europe before but i encounter one with a puzzle for the first time. Initially, my wife went up the tree. But when she had some difficulties with opening the lock, we switched places. I also could not open it immediately. The numbers must be aligned precisely to open it. I didn't have a magnet with me but a swiss army knife. The rest eas not so difficult. And for sure, it deserves a fav point.” –blastrula What the Cache Owner has to say about it: Tell us a little bit about why you decided to hide this cache?“There were not many handcrafted caches in Turkey or Istanbul. I saw a lot of nice, maker caches in the web and want to make one myself. It should be not to difficult but should have some field puzzle elements in it. And it should be a example of handcrafted caches for the growing community in Istanbul.” There don't seem to be many tree caches in Turkey. Do you know if yours was the first?“I am very sure it is. It is a tree cache where searchers have not to use technical equipment, but have to climb nearly 3 meters high. Today there are more caches in Turkey like this.” Do you think this cache requires more maintenance that your other geocaches?“No the place is more secure than the other caches in the city. Also it is chained to the tree, so Muggles are less a problem.” Do you have anything in particular you'd like to say to the geocaching community?“I produced this and some other caches in Istanbul to show the community that nice crafted caches are more fun than simple ones.” Photos: The making of the cache. Intrepid geocachers in an attempt to disguise themselves as monkeys. The puzzle box that contains the cache. The cache itself. The littlest geocachers may need some help finding this one. View from the cache. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Kolmanskop – A Ghost Town (GC1Z46T) — Geocache der Woche (engl.)

4. Dezember 2015 // 0 Kommentare

Geocache Name: Kolmanskop – A Ghost Town (GC1Z46T) — by Udjat Location: Kolmanskop, Namibia S 26° 42.167 E 015° 13.876 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D2/T2 Why this is Geocache of the Week: Boom-and-bust desert ghost towns are not an exclusive trademark of the American west. The site of this EarthCache is a ghost town at the edge of a Namibian desert. The town's name is Kolmanskop. In 1908, Namibia was a German colony called South-West Africa. That year, a German man named Zacharias Lewela found a diamond while working on a railway line. Lewela's lucky find sparked a frantic diamond rush, with floods of diamond hunters arriving and settling in the area, and naming it Kolmanskop. The town was quickly built up by its residents, with a distinctly German architectural style. At its pinnacle in the 1920's, Kolmanksop was home to about 700 families, and its amenities and institutions included a hospital, ballroom, power station, school, skittle-alley, theater, gym and swimming pool, a casino, an ice factory and the first x-ray-station in the southern hemisphere. That was the boom. The bust came after World War I. The diamond fields of Kolmanskop had been milked for all they were worth, and diamond mining in other areas created competition. By 1954 the town was completely abandoned. Over time, the geological forces of the desert filled the remaining buildings with heaps of sand, blasting brightly colored paint from walls and scouring roofs. Now, visitors who want to see the eerie sights for themselves can take a tour of the town. The company that runs the tours has restored a few of the buildings to their historical looks. But most of the leftover buildings have been left to fill slowly, but surely, with sand. What geocachers have to say: “Hat mich irgendwie an Arizona erinnert wo es auch Ghosttowns gibt. Nur waren es hier keinen Diamanten sondern Gold. Absolut sehenswert. Vielen Dank für den Earthcache. Natürlich ein Schleifchen von uns.” Reminded me a little bit of Arizona, which also has ghost towns. Except here, of course, it wasn't gold, but diamonds. Absolutely worth visiting. Thank you very much for this EarthCache. Of course it gets a favorite point from us. b012887 Check out this amazing story-log by geocacher Henzz: “Great area, easily the coolest Lost Place we have ever been! Thanx go out to the owner, that did a great job at creating this wonderful esrth cache. The questions involved, brought us to think even further about our experience at Kolmanskuppe. If you're in town, this is the definite must do and the Cache as well! Thank you very much and greetings from germany!” John Milton Photos: Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

RUDNIK MANGANA / MANGANESE MINE (GC4RCD7) —Geocache der Woche (engl.)

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Geocache Name: RUDNIK MANGANA / MANGANESE MINE (GC4RCD7) — by marko0037 Location: Jesenice, SloveniaN 46° 27.000 E 014° 06.000 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D3.5/T3.5 Why this is Geocache of the Week: This geocache is the kind that brings you to a place you would probably never have otherwise heard of or visited. Set deep into a forest on Slovenia's northern border, this multi-cache will take you on a hike in the woods past old mining artifacts, culminating in an old manganese mine dating back to the 19th century. The mine itself is still accessible via two entrances — but use caution. And if you're not comfortable going inside the tunnel, there's plenty of lovely nature to explore nearby. Plus, if you find this cache, or any cache in Slovenia, you'll earn a shiny new Slovenia country souvenir. What the cache owner has to say: What sorts of things will a geocacher find while on this multi-cache tour?On the beginning of the path, you can see water slide between the two dams and an interesting springs of the stream Javornik. At the upper dam on the information board find the coordinates of the manganese mine. Do not forget to look the ore below an information board on the entry of the 200 year old manganese ore mine. Why did you want to bring people to this location?Beautiful nature, walking in silence, without other visitors. Historic mine in which it is still possible to enter, but only a few – 10m. What can you tell us about the history of the manganese mine?This mine was just one of many manganese mines in Slovenia. Manganese ores were processed in Jesenice ironworks. From this ore it was in Jesenice ironworks under the leadership of ing. Lambert PANTZ in 1872 that, for the first time (in the world), that blast furnace was used to produce manganese iron. The Industrial Company Kranj was awarded with the gold medal for extraordinary innovation at a global industry exhibition in Pennsylvania on the hundredth anniversary of the United States. Photos: Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

A race against time in Göttingen — BORN (GC5EG96) — Geocache der Woche (engl.)

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Snacks for the inside team. The outside teams will just have to wait. Geocache Name: Born (GC5EG96) — by team SOKO Gänseliesel (Hatti1971 & TobiO79) Location: Göttingen, Germany N 51° 34.319 E 009° 56.308 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D5 / T4 Why this is Geocache of the Week: “Born” is a real-time adventure geocache, one of several such caches in Germany. The cache page (which is in German) sets the scene for this adventure (all a hypothetical scenario): The Federal Criminal Police Office has learned that a bombing is imminent in the city of Göttingen. Special Unit “Gänseliesel” has been summoned to begin the investigation. Chief Commissioner Schönbeck has been appointed to lead the unit. So far, the investigation has revealed that the bombs have been placed in Göttingen and are already on a countdown. The clock is ticking. This D5/T4 geocache cannot be found alone. In fact, you'll need 10-20 geocachers split into three teams in order to have a chance of finding it. One team stays at “Headquarters”: a location of their choosing, preferably filled with snacks. The other two teams are sent to 45 different locations around the city. At every location there's a countdown, and all three teams are given a question/puzzle to solve. According to the cache owners, “The teams in the city have to use the public transport to get to the locations in time and answer questions about historical or famous places in Göttingen. The team in the headquarter must deal with encryption, picture analysis, internet-research, maps and bus-timetables.” If all three teams solve their puzzles and submit their answers before the clock runs out, they continue on to the next task. This continues until the investigation is concluded and Göttingen is saved when the bomb is diffused. In total, each team is working non-stop for five hours. The moving teams will cover about 45 km throughout the evening, and eventually reach the center of the city. The CO says, “At the end, all three teams get to know where the geocache is hidden and move together to sign the logbook. Some teams even bring a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate the successful search.” The T4 rating is well-earned. That's all we'll say here, but check out the photos below for more about this amazing cache. What the Cache Owner has to say: How often are the teams unable to “defuse the bomb” in time?“If your team starts the hunt for the geocache BORN, you never know if you are succsessfull. If one team is not able to reach the destination in the timelimit, the team in the headquarter cannot give the right answer. The investigation stops and the team must start another time. There ist always a tense between physical effort and moments of happiness on the one side and disappointment if you fail a task. Even though the geocache is difficult D5, some teams get it on the first attempt. Every second teams has to start a second time from a backup-point and only a few teams fail more often.” How long did it take you to develop this cache?“The idea was created in Summer '14. First we both made a list of locations in Göttingen that are interesting, then Hatti and I spend two days on bikes in Göttingen to visit all this places and take photos of the question-to-answer-stations. Then i took a bus map and planned two routes with basecamp that touch a lot of the interesting places. Meanwhile I develloped the homepage with all the functions you need to play this timed cache and manage teams and so on… The biggest part of work was to invent a story to connect the 26 chapters of the cache and find 3 x 26 tasks to occupy the three groups. When all was done we two played both outside-routes in realtime to check if the calculated times are ok to get to know what the cache will look like for the teams. The last step was a beta-test with a little group of geocachers to test the complete cache. On January the first, the cache was published. I think the cache was surely over 50 hours of planning, phoning, riding in Göttingen…” Is there anything you would like to say to the Geocaching community?“We love to invite you to come to Göttingen to find BORN or our brand-new spin-off ALERT (GC5RRQF). We want you to have a gread time and wish you that you are doing the great experience what it's like when teamwork succeeds. We have read all the amazing logs on our geocaches and thank for every feedback. Göttingen is an interesting city and you can discover it from a completely different side, if you hurry through the streets with the ticking clock in your neck. It was a hard job to concept our two geocaches, but the feedback from the community is great.” Photos: You know it's a cool cache when it has its own logo. Unit Headquarters often look like this… Or this… Or this. Find “Born” and you might end up doing this. One of the stops along the way, perhaps? Another stop along for the outside teams. This team eventually found success. Smiling (and weary) faces after completing the investigation. Those who reach this cache know ultimate geocaching success. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Karst Mountain Topography — Yangshuo – GE9 — Geocache der Woche (engl.)

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A secret view on the way to the top of the lookout. Photo by teamAlje Geocache Name: Yangshuo – GE9 (GC32N82) by Golem team Location: Yangshuo, ChinaN 24° 46.665 E 110° 29.127 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D1.5/T2.5 Why this is Geocache of the Week: It'll take a bit of a climb—and maybe an international flight—to reach this EarthCache, but rare is the geocacher who regrets it. This EarthCache takes you on a short hike above the city of Yangshuo in northern China. The area is known for its dramatic karst mountains, which are the focus of this cache's earth science lesson. Karst mountains are striking and easily recognizable. The isolated, steep-sided limestone hills are typically surrounded by flat plains. They're formed when mildly acidic water begins to dissolve weak, soluble bedrock, creating fractures and openings in the rock which deepened over time. Or, as the Cache Owner puts it in words we can all understand: “In the beginning there was a huge limestone plate. Like a chocolate table on the desk. There are movements of tectonic plares in the earth's crust and the table was broken to pieces. Imagine the table of chocolate divided to pieces as if you want to eat it. Next the water from rain and rivers come. If you put water on chocolate it will start to dissolve it and flow parts of it away. The holes and openings become bigger and after some time most chocolate is out. The same as here. The rests of limstone's plate are karst hills and mogules of different shapes. You can ask why the water did not make a deep canyon – the bedrock is too hard. The water took the chocolate, but the desk remained the same. The end of the story is sad – after some time there will be no chocolate at all. But here in Yangshou it is a question of many million years.” -Golem team What geocachers have to say: “During our China trip we also visited Yangshuo. A beautiful place with lovely mountains which are lighted during the evening. Together with CaliburnNL we found this earthcache it was a challenge to climb this mountain. Not the climbing was the problem, but finding the start of the climbing. After climbing we had a beautiful view and were able to answer the questions. Team Golem TFTC. mnmjwe from the Netherlands.” –mnmjwe “We spent two weeks in China. The landscape around Yangshuo is fantastic. My family wasn't glad that I left them alone in the park while climbing up the hill (especially because they didn't know that I had to go up). But it was worth. The answers I sent to the owner. And I would like to leave a favorite point. Thanks!” –alpinpoet “Today we (my youngest son AO99) ans I decided to climb the hill instead of shopping together with the others in our tourist group. A good choice to my mind. The climbing was a bit sweaty (36 degrees C and moisture about 90%) but worth every step. A gegorgeousiew was our salary for this exercise. Unfortunately was my GPS unreadable because of the chineese text in the description, but I think I have managed to answer all the questions, even if there was a small misunderstanding. This cache is a clear favourite to me and FP added! Thank´s for all the work you have done to create this cache! And greetings from Sweden.” –benke.olsson Photos: Photo by JanSimona Photo by geotooter Photo by ohnny_cache11 Photo by monotard Photo by Heidi28 Photo by Tielk Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Mario’s Stoneworld (GC3HCC3) — Geocache der Woche (engl.)

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Wezztah creeping along the edge of the water. Geocache Name: Marios Stoneworld (GC3HCC3) by Sauerteam Location: Rheinland-Pfalz, GermanyN 49° 44.030 E 006° 30.400 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D4/T4 Why this is Geocache of the Week: You don't need to have loved Super Mario games as a kid to enjoy this cache. It'll inspire anybody who has a taste for adventure. This is an eight-stage multi-cache, which takes place in a quiet, light forest with the autobahn roaring far above. We don't want to give away too many spoilers, but here's what we can tell you. At the first stage of this cache you learn your mission: rescue the princess. The next few stages are different “levels” of the game, sometimes literally. The stages have you wading through streams, edging your way along cliffs, finding eerie lost places, solving cleverly set up physical puzzles, and eventually finding and rescuing the princess. The final location is filled to the brim with wonderful swag for kids. If you speak German, check out the logs on the cache page. It's covered with people raving about how amazing the experience was. And don't be fooled by the difficulty and terrain rating — this cache is frequented by geocachers both young and old. What geocachers have to say: “Wow, wow, wow! Once in a while you're doing a geocache which will let you really appreciate this nice hobby. However the more geocaches you do, the harder it seems to get to really be suprised on a cache. Well, this one, this multi raised the bar for us big time. I actually dont know what to say about this', a bit lost for words. Every single waypoint was worked out really well, and there must be taken a lot of effort to create this multi. Very, very amazing, this was more than just a geocache, a real experience. You definitively earned the blue medal, too bad we can only give you one…” –pleb06 “Gemeinsam mit FRP-O hatten wir einen super Ausflug! Groß und Klein kamen auf ihre Kosten. Wir hatten super viel Spaß und Freude beim Lösen der Aufgaben. Für unseren Hund und Teamleader (Marlon) war dieser Cache ein Paradies!!!Die Kids waren total stolz sich eine Überraschung aus der “Finaldose” aussuchen zu können. Zu Hause hatten sie noch viel Spaß und beschäftigten sich noch ein Weilchen mit ihrem Geschenk! Vielen Dank für dieses wunderschöne Abenteuer, es wird noch lange in unseren Köpfen bleiben!!! Viele Grüsse von der Mosel!!!” –Marlonebär (This was an awesome outing with FRP-O. Both young and old got their money's worth. Lots of fun and joy was had while solving the puzzles. For our dog and our teamleader (Marlon) this cache was a paradise. The kids were incredibly proud of the fact that they were able to select a prize from the final. At home they continued to play with their presents. Thank you so much for this amazing adventure…we won't forget it soon. Greetings from Mosel!) “Gleich mal vorweg: Nebst all den coolen Lostplaces und unzähligen Bunkern, die wir in diesen Tagen gesehen haben, ist dieser Multi hier für mich mein persönliches Highlight an Gestaltung!! Sehr geile, aufwändige, liebevoll und teils ganz frech gestaltete Stages trifft man hier an! Sowas gefällt Hasen im Wald ganz besonders gut, und ich würde zu gerne an jeder Station ein blaues Schleifli hängen….Chapeau!!! Huhuuuuu ;-D Vielmehr kann und will ich gar nicht mehr sagen, da muss man selber durch! ;-)…Spannung, Spass und Action im Wald! Kurz: genial perkfekt für mein Cacherherz!!!! Wärs ein Hotel, gäbs 5 Sterne! Riesen Dank ans Sauerteam für diese sensationelle Runde!!!” –Häsi7 (First off: Compared to all of the cool lost places and numerous bunkers that we saw in the last few days, this multi-cache is absolutely a highlight. We encountered stages that were carefully put-together, incredibly cool, and sometimes downright tricky. I would have loved to give a favorite point for every stage of the cache. I can't say too much more…you'll have to experience it all yourself! It's all about excitement, tension, and fun in the forest. Absolutely perfect for my ‘caching soul. If this were a hotel, I would have given it five stars. A huge thank you to the CO Sauerteam for this amazing adventure!!!) Photos: It all takes place under this mysterious structure. Mario's Stoneworld is actually a green paradise. One of the levels in Mario's Stoneworld. Try not to get wet! This is a real place. A D4/T4 cache that's good for kids? Heck yeah! There is no ‘I' in ‘Team'. Nor will there be wet feet! Christmas comes early if you're a kid who's made it to the final. Everything wrapped in waterproof bags. SevenQuak & der_diego are the only ones dressed appropriately. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Boondocks USA Travel Bug Motel (GC3PMCM) — Geocache der Woche (engl.)

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Geocache Name: Boondocks USA Travel Bug Motel (GC3PMCM) by biss65 Location: Iowa, United States N 42° 28.281 W 093° 33.847 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D1 / T1.5 Why this is Geocache of the Week: Last week we featured a clever gadgety Travel Bug Motel cache. This Geocache of the Week is also a Travel Bug Motel, and while the cache itself is plain—spoiler alert, it's an ammo can—you'll probably be grinning wildly by the time you reach it. It's a Travel Bug Motel in more ways than one. That's right, folks. The cache is tucked inside a cherry red VW Bug which, depending on the season and the whims of the property owner, alternately has flowers, tall grasses, or various other living things sticking out from its roof. (Speaking of the property owner: permission was granted for the placement of the cache!) What geocachers have to say: “A day off of work in the area and this cache made the list. another great cache nearby. what a cool ideal, hope they don't try to move it. Gets a favorite point from us. TFTC.” –2CraziesMSN “This was another must do cache on this trip. psychoVW loves cars, especially Volkswagens, and especially Beetles, and especially abandoned cars. This one had everything! She slugged me, as usual, when we drove past this on the way to another cache. When we arrived here, Paycho guessed where the cache was and made the find. Nice camo! We took some pics, and I dropped off the VW Beetle trackable I had picked up that I had been saving specifically for this cache.” –Darth Leviosa “On our way to geocoin fest and this one popped up on our favorites filter. Very interesting area. Looks like somewhere out of a Hunter S Thompson novel. Picked up a couple trackables to take with us and dropped one off. Favorite point for taking us to the Boondocks.” –DublinMN “GZ produced a big bug, but I did not squash it! thanks for the swag … TFTC!” –November Ghost Photos: Continue to explore some of the coolest caches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

The Director’s Travel Bug Hotel (GC3MFAD) — Geocache der Woche (engl.)

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The birdhouse – 9 bedrooms available! Geocache Name: The Director's Travel Bug Hotel (GC3MFAD) by Woodnutt Location: Alabama, United States Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D1.5 / T1.5 Why this is Geocache of the Week: GC3MFAD is disguised as a multi-level birdhouse, which, on its own, isn't that unusual for a geocache. The casual observer might notice the birdhouse is a little high up…seven or eight feet off the ground, at least. A muggle probably wouldn't think twice about that fact, but the geocacher—who realizes this must be the geocache, is presented with the problem of reaching it. Geocachers realize the genius of this cache the moment they figure out how to lower it to the ground. At the base of the pole in a second wooden box is a small crank. When turned in the right direction, a box descends from inside the birdhouse ‘shell'. This is the Director's Travel Bug Hotel. According to the cache page, this geocache is “by far the best Hotel in Pintlala, Alabama” and “the staff might be someone you recognize but they are not travelers and do not want to go for a ride. They are here to help the guest enjoy their time while staying here.” It's the perfect blend of a gadget cache and a roomy and well-crafted Travel Bug Hotel. Should you be lucky enough to be passing nearby, it's worth the visit. Take care when lowering the unit—it is full of sleeping guests, after all. The cache fully revealed. What geocachers have to say: “Out on a cache run with CaverScott. This was the start of our day. This was a great find. I love how this has been put together and how it works. Worth at least one favorite point. Thanks for the fun and the smiley!” –autigerman “Wow. There was definitely a lot of work put into making this cache. I love that people drive by every day and don't even know it's there. Kudos for your awesome workmanship and for maintaining this. There were no travel bugs inside, but we signed the log and enjoyed the characters visiting the hotel. Great shape. Well crafted. TFTH!” –hoosiersunshine “It is always a joy to find a Woodnutt cache, and with 99 favorite points we knew this one was not to be missed. I saved the two travelers I had for a nice stay at this quality hotel. Such fun! I am honored to add favorite point #100. CITO tftc” –tleu What the Cache Owner, Woodnutt, has to say: How did you first come up with the idea for this type of hide?“A lot of my ideas come when I am traveling, which I do a lot for work. My mind wanders trying to come up with new and different ways to do things. I like birdhouses and have a number of them as caches and this is just another type of birdhouse.” Was building the cache a difficult process?“Building it was not a difficult process, I have a nice workshop with a lot of tools and I enjoy woodworking very much.” Do you ever see birds landing on the cache?“I have seen some birds on top of the cache but not a lot.” What's been your reaction to all of the nice logs and Favorite Points?“I have always read all logs on my caches. It is one of my favorite parts of owning caches. It is always nice and rewarding when someone appreciates the work and enjoys the cache. The favorite points are nice.” Is there anything you'd like to say to the geocaching community?“Lately I have been very frustrated by some caches that have destroyed a cache with an ax when they could not figure out the on site puzzle cache but this is a game, not everyone enjoys the same thing but one can make geocaching what they want. You can go for numbers, you can go for puzzles, you can do FTF or whatever it is you like; most important is to enjoy what you are doing and respect others as well.” Photos: The cache, looking pretty birdhouse-y in it's normal state. The hand crank elevator mechanism. The TB hotel descending from the bowels of the birdhouse. All the way down. The TB hotel is open for business! Time to put a “No Vacancy” sign up? The front desk staff are happy to see you. Continue to explore some of the coolest gadget caches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Namib Desert, Namibia (GC14W63) — Geocache der Woche (engl.)

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Photo by Kilroyman Geocache Name: Namib Desert, Namibia (GC14W63) by Mausebiber Location: Sossusvlei, Namibia S 24° 44.400 E 015° 17.310 Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D2.5/T2 Why this is Geocache of the Week: The burnt orange dunes of the Namib Desert aren't exactly right around the corner for most geocachers. Actually, they're not right around the corner for anyone. The name Namid comes from the Nama word for ‘vast'—and those who are lucky enough to take a scenic flight above the desert know just how fitting a title it is. GC14W63 is an EarthCache. If you happen to be in the area—that is, in the Mars-like sand dunes of Sossusvlei, in Namibia—this Sunday, October 11, you'll earn the International EarthCache Day 2015 souvenir for finding it. The sand dunes at Sossusvlei are the largest in the world at around 300 meters tall, and they're being coaxed northwards by prevailing winds from the south. According to the EarthCache description, geologists say this desert could be the oldest in the world. The almost electric colors of the dunes are caused by the slow oxidization of iron in the sand; the more bright orange the dune is, the older it is. This EarthCache is Geocache of the Week not only for it's well-organized, informative, and clear cache page, nor merely for its spectacular vistas, but because it holds true to the original purpose of the EarthCache. An EarthCache site is a special place that people can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature or aspect of our Earth. The sand dunes of the Namib desert are utterly unique. They're fantastic. They're old. They are at once imposing and delicate, timeless and mutable. The dream landscape they create defies civilization (you try building a cottage on a pile of sand). And—this may be the understatement of the year—they're well worth a visit. Photo by Team Hermann What geocachers have to say: “We loved visting the Namib Desert whilst on our family holiday to Namibia. We stayed in the Sesriem Camp and got up very early to watch the sunrise over the dunes. Thanks for this lovely EarthCache.” –GCMTWood “On of the highlights of our Namiba trip was the visit of Sousuvlei. The dunes are just fantastic. We enjoyed the stay and even climed the big daddy dune. What a great view from there. Thank you very much for this Earthcache and greetings from Switzerland.” –foolish5 “What a fascinating place in the middle of an ocean of endless dunes. We stopped here during our three weeks lasting tour through Namibia and this was definitely one of our favorite places. The red colors in different increments, the merciless heat despite winter mode, the seemingly absence of life and the huge amounts of dead sand – what a spectacular view to remember, what a unique feeling to deal with, what an unforgettable moment. You have to visit Sossusvlei to imagine and understand these feelings. We will be back as soon as possible, also to enjoy these exceptional moments once again. These days here were such a great experience, so we need to say thank you for bringing us here. Thanks a lot for this cache, for the listing and for your efforts. Regards from Germany!” –do.se_gotcha “We had 2,5 weeks in Namibia. The countryside is awesome, fauna and flore interesting and the people are so nice. Thanks to geocaching we have found a lot of places I wouldn't have visited otherwise. A nice EarthCache leading me deeper in the canyon then I expected!” –MMXX Photo by giddo What the cache owner, Mausebiber, has to say: When did you first visit the dunes near Sesreim? Have you visited again since then? “My wife and I were in South Africa and Namibia first time in 1990, again in 1993 and our last visit was in 2007. Unfortunately we have not visited this beautiful country since then, but we are looking forward to go again within the next 2-3 years.” What do you like about this spot, and what do you think attracts other people? “This is a very unique place. If you go early in the morning, you can feel the cold of the night and once the sun comes up, its rapidly getting warm. Very few places where you can feel the power of the sun this extreme. On the other hand, it is very quiet, only the wind is singing while it is blowing over the dunes. When you are on top of a dune, your view can carry for miles and miles and all you see is the beauty and the colors of the desert. There is nothing but vastness, nothing will disturb the view. Out of a sudden, your thoughts are free, you feel the peace of the area, you just feel happy. There are very few places where I had a similar feeling.” What's been your reaction to all of the nice logs and Favorite Points? “Of course I like the logs where people report about the beauty of the place and about their experience. I answer each end every mail I receive and thank Cachers about their visit. At the same time I wish everyone a very nice vacation and happy caching for the future. Sometimes a little email conversation takes place where we share some experience.” Is there anything you'd like to say to the geocaching community? “Namibia, located in the south of Africa, a land of contrasts and beauty. The cost region is cold and windy while the inner part is hot with mountain ranges. There is the oldest desert, the Namib and the Fishriver canyon which is the second largest canyon of the world. In the northern part close to the Angola border is Etosha National Park. With its size of almost 9000 square miles and over 100 species of animals and 300 species of birds, it is one of the largest parks in Africa. If you like lost places, you have to visit Kolmanskop, an old German diamond field. The people are friendly and helpful and the scenery just breathtaking. We enjoyed every second and sure enough, we will come back to visit this remarkable country.” Photo by saharaa Photo by PermonHroch Photo by pfitschipfeil Photo by pfitschipfeil Photo by Kilroyman Photo by Kilroyman Photo by saharaa Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Privy (GC2Z6GB) — Geocache der Woche!

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We hate toilet paper puns. They're tearable. Geocache Name: Privy (GC2Z6GB) by seskds Geocache Location: Missouri, USA Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D1/T1 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: Find this cache and you might start to think more fondly about indoor plumbing. Luckily for the trackables left inside this cache, it's not the real thing. Geocacher seskds has hidden this cache on his property, and given those geocachers who make the drive out to it a heck of a laugh. Some of the highlights: Exclusive “Privy Parking” A toilet paper roll logbook Signal the Frog artwork on the throne itself Buckets of swag…and insects What geocachers have to say: “Driving back to Indianapolis and stopping at interesting and convenient caches along the way. I saw all the favorite points on this one so had to stop. So glad I did. This is definitely one of the largest caches I have found and very entertaining. Definitely a favorite. Thanks for the fun stop on my journey through the area.” –rbmotmot “This cache is AWESOME!!! We hit the cache at the corner 1st and came back here. We took pictures, signed the log book (great log too) and spent way too much time looking at the swag and the craftsmanship here. I added some donate life stuff to the bottom of the door and took 1 poker chip. Thank you for a great cache in the middle of almost nowhere.” –Sycoscouter “This is another one of those amazing cache sites that gets people interested in Geo Caching! TFTC and thanks to the owners for providing parking to this one. Great Job and merits a favorite point from us.” –10-Nacious-Bs “Find 475. This one is fantastic! The kids loved it! The CO's granddaughter came out to greet us while we spent some time exploring the container. We swapped some swag and signed the “roll”. A favorite! TFTC!” –P98 Photos: What's the coolest repurposed/reinvented geocache container you've ever found? Nominate it for Geocache of the Week below! Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks! [...]

Thousand Steps Cache (GC59AF) — Geocache der Woche

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Geocache Name: Thousand Steps Cache (GC59AF) by Team KP and Kid Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D3/T5 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: It may be a bit of a misnomer, but the 1000 Steps Cache is not for the faint of heart. To reach it, geocachers trek up an old set of stone steps (just over 1000 steps, in fact) along the side of Jacks Mountain in Pennsylvania. The rewards of the journey are three-fold. There's the stunning view at the top, which is well worth the climb. Then there's the cache, a large, well-maintained ammo can that lends itself well to being a 1000th cache find milestone (check out the pictures and you'll see why). Then there's the fact that you can skip the stairmaster for the next few days…or week…or month. Geocachers in the area do this hike as a kind of rite of passage, even a pilgrimage. It's a great example of a simple cache hide that brings immense pleasure to those who find it. What geocachers have to say: “We wanted to do this one for a long time and found a great day to do it. Lots of folks on the trail today even a couple with their pet goat. Thanks for bringing us here for the physical challenge and a great view. TFTC.” –Bob*kat “When we arrived at the parking for this cache, it was pouring down rain, and I practically had to physically drag Zoimbeee out of the car to head up the steps. For most of the climb, we were surrounded by thunder and lightning, but there was no way I was going to skip this awesome cache location, if it meant arguing with a teenager the entire walk up and trying to convince him the entire experience would be worth it. Thanks for hiding this great cache.” –Geo_Ghosts “What an exhausting hike to this one, and an awesome view. Creepy spiders all over, cant wait to see what kind the are. This was one of the most difficult terrains we have done, and loved every minute of it. Really enjoyed reading the history of the steps. Favorite from me. TFTC.” –GeoJane77 “What a fantastic thought for a cache! It does take you up a bit. The view is spectacular! We definitely will add this to our favorite list! Thank you for this well thought out cache. Winwinters and I are out and about. We are enjoying the hunt! Many thanks to all the CO' s for hiding and maintaining these caches. Thanks for the cache!” –PenguinTeacher What the cache owner has to say: When did you first visit the thousand steps, and how many times would you say you've climbed them since then to do maintenance on the cache?“We first visited Thousand Steps about 20 years ago with our kids. They were around 10 &12 at the time. A few years later we started Geocaching as a family & decided to place a cache up at the top where the view is amazing. We use to go up a few times a year for maintenance. I even took up small bottles of water for those who didn't bring any. In the past few years it's been about once a year. Our daughter has helped with it also. We've even had fellow geocachers who were kind enough to help.” What's the main reason you think people go for your cache (despite the trek)?“We think people go for this cache because of all that it offers, a challenging climb, an excellent view, lots of travel bugs, etc. Also because of all the great things geocachers write about it and it being a favorite of many.” Do you have any funny stories about this cache or this area?“My daughter and husband were in front coming down the steps my son and I following. All of a sudden my son stops because of a rattle snake on the steps. My daughter and husband stepped right over it and didn't notice. It had just eaten (evident by bulge in body) so my husband set it way off the path. Also my friend and I were doing the steps to get in shape and an older gentleman with a weighted backpack passed us a few times on our trek. Turns out he does Thousand Steps twice a day. We felt really out of shape after that.” What's been your reaction to all of the nice logs and Favorite Points?“Our reaction has been one of amazement. We knew people would like it but we never expected it to be such a fan favorite or for it to be Geocache of the week!” Is there anything you'd like to say to the geocaching community?“Thank you Geocaching for getting our family into this wonderful sport! It was a way to keep our family close even as our kids grew and went off to college. Now our kids are Geocaching with their kids! Thank you to all geocachers who visited Thousand Steps. Thank you for making it a favorite and thanks for helping with the maintenance!” Photos: The start of the steps. Photo by Shrlock. Geocachers kidcard and friend with the 1000 Steps Cache The view from the top. Photo by MrBee&WillowTree. OhMelli, Nana's Luz, and T-Tyger after finding the cache. Tundra Wolf and his geo-pack posing at the top. The thousandth step… but not the last one! magicmike&honeybee making this one their 3000th cache Another stunning view from the top. Photo by GeoChara. This cache is difficult to reach, but it's well worth the hike. What's been the most satisfying cache find you've had after a strenuous adventure? Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks! [...]

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words (GC5DN6X) — Geocache der Woche!

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Geocache Name: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (GC5DN6X) by GR8Caches Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 3.5/1.5 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: Although this geocache has a relatively nondescript cache page, 253 favorite points in four months do not lie. A well-known childhood toy, some local art, and a bit of a puzzle combine to make a gadget cache well worth the visit. You might have a hard time being discreet when you find it (you'll be laughing from sheer joy)—but the nearby business owner already knows it's there. A round of applause to the cache owner for creating such a unique cache hide. What geocachers have to say: “So awesome. Definitely one of my favorite caches ever! Thank you so much for this cache. FP.” –tropicaltrish05 “On our way home from the MCBC Geotrail. What a fantastic cache- best one in a long time! This was well thought out and very creative. Just tough enough to make you think for a bit, but not too tough to solve. Both Mrs R & myself enjoyed this one as we both contributed to the solution. Are you guys taking lessons from Professor Tim or are you now teaching the course? Would give this one 5 favorites if we could! Left one of our Pathtags. Thanks for really nice gadget cache.” –rehobch “If there ever was a cache worthy of to create favorites it would be this one. I admire the creativity that it took to create this cache because it reminded me of my childhood and showed me some historical images. Afterwards we went inside and talked to the owner and checked out his store.” –cooley1103 “What a happy coincidence. We parked in the lot where this is located in order to complete another local cache, and when I switched to nearby caches this one was at the top of the list! It also is near the top of my “really want to find” caches! Had some head scratching and was very happy to see the light! So fun! A bonus was that hubby got to check out the gallery. If he had his way our home interior would look much like this store! May need to stop by for a very nice gift…1,000 thanks to GR8Caches!” –Invaluable1 “On a business trip from Hawai'i and exploring the area. What an awesome cache! Thanks for bringing us out here!” –Wild Dog Clan What the cache owner has to say: How did you come up with the idea for this sort of gadget cache?One day my wife and I were out caching and having a discussion about putting out a new cache, something really good that we never had done or seen before. We had already used a Lite-Brite for a night cache we have. So we started talking about old toys. Then it hit me why not a view master cache. She looked up online to see if you could have a reel made and sure enough you can. So the view master idea was born. We wanted something that would go with where we put the cache and a way of tying it all in. We collect civil war art and buy from a local dealer, so we got permission to place the cache at his gallery. We then had to seek permission from the artist for use of his artwork in the view master reel. Lastly I needed to add something cache related to the art and have the reel created. This process took almost a year to complete along with the build. Do you ever hear about or see muggles checking out the cache?I have passed by when cachers were doing the cache but have not seen muggles doing it nor heard of a time where they done it. What's been your reaction to all of the nice logs and Favorite Points?The logs have been amazing. It is really satisfying getting logs that are more than TFTC. When you create a cache that is one of a kind it is nice when you get feedback that reinforces the uniqueness of the cache. I really enjoy the logs a great deal. Is there anything you'd like to say to the geocaching community?Come do my cache, you will love it. Photos: We know it's tough…but what's your absolute favorite gadget cache? Post your photos and stories in the comments. Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks! [...]

Auburn Sea (GC3QGYZ) — Geocache der Woche (engl.)

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Geocache Name: Auburn Sea by Nashuan with help from CaladorGCS Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 3.5/2.5 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: While geocaching is a hobby that's captured the hearts of millions of people, not all geocaches are created equal. Not every cache is difficult to find. Not every cache is well-maintained. Not every cache is going to make your jaw drop and your eyes fall out when you see it. But this one does. “Auburn Sea” is a Puzzle Cache that melds adventure, history, and handiwork. After deciphering a tricky puzzle about the pirate Captain Kidd and his beloved treasure, the geocacher embarks on a quest to find said treasure…or die trying.* The geocacher who finds the cache treasure is only halfway there—getting it open is an adventure in and of itself. *not really The logs and favorite points on this cache are testament to the creativity of the puzzle and the hide. This cache is sure to bring smiles to all who dare to find it. What geocachers have to say: “Best cache we have found yet. Very cool! This will get a favorite from us. TFTC.” –WeRmudfun “Everything about this cache was fantastic from the puzzle the cache page and of course the final container. This is one of those you wish you could give more then one favorites to. Thank you for one of the highlights of the trip. This was #14 of 20 for the day. Thank you for the cache.” –Odyn “I'd solved this one a while ago and enjoyed the process….and then when I knew we were coming up here to the Auburn Sea to walk on water, I found I'd lost my notes, left nothing electronic, and had to find the solution to all the puzzles all over again….surprisingly difficult even the second time! Both the puzzle work and the cache at GZ are amazing bits of work….the treasure chest was far nicer than I'd expected even based on spoiler images, and getting it out and open was impressive and loads of fun. Can I give more than one favorite point???” –T13 “The puzzle is the work of a master craftsman, and the treasure awaiting was beyond description. The adventure, exceptional.” –snewt lindellRead the rest of snewt's awesome log on this cache here. Photos: The treasure chest…not yet opened. Close up of Captain Kidd's home turf. Treasure seeker rjb43nh and others. The treasure chest…opened! The FTF prize. Spoiler video! (Also available via the cache page). Some cache owners go above and beyond to make finding and logging their cache an experience. What's been your favorite geocaching experience? Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks! [...]

Größter Cachebehälter Österreichs? (GC35Q1C) — Geocache der Woche (engl.)

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Geocache Name: Größter Cachebehälter Österreichs? by artig&hold Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 1/2 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: “Größter Cachebehälter Österreichs” means Biggest Cache Container in Austria…which this one may very well be, depending on how you define ‘cache container'. Geocachers who arrive at GZ find themselves standing in front of wood-gated door in an old brick wall. Hidden somewhere nearby is the trick to unlocking the door, after which is you follow a set of narrow stone stairs that descend down to blackness. Depending on what kind of geocacher you are, it's either eerie or exciting (or maybe a bit of both) to climb down those stairs, but geocachers who do are treated to a first class logging experience. At the bottom of the stairs is an old wine cellar, now home to an old desk and chair, an assortment of drippy candles, various swag items, and of course…the logbook. If you listen carefully you may hear the ghost of a pinot noir calling you from the darkest corners of the cellar. What geocachers have to say: “Einen Cache dieser Art habe ich noch nie gesehen: begehbar, sehr geräumig und wohltemperiert. Wirklich etwas Besonderes und einen kleinen Umweg wert.” –sunflower2012I've never seen a geocache like this one: accessible, spacious, and of a comfortable temperature. Really something special, and totally worth a small detour. “Von diesem Cache hatte ich schon gehört… heute war ich endlich mal in der Nähe und wollte mir diesen nicht entgehen lassen. Nach einer kurzen Suche wusste ich auch wie ich hineinkomme Das war wirklich eine willkommende Abkühlung heute! Schön gemacht! Ich nehme einen Coin mit auf die Reise und hinterlasse einen FP! Danke für´s “Verstecken”, Zeigen und Herrichten sagen Die Glücksmagneten.” –Die GlücksmagnetenI'd heard about this cache…today I was finally in the area and couldn't miss it. After a short search I figured out how to get inside. This was really a welcome cooling-off today! I'm taking a coin with me on my travels, and leaving behind a favorite point! Thank you for “hiding”, sharing, and organizing.” “Ich war schon sehr neugierig und konnte es kaum erwarten den Cache zu finden. Und dann diese Überraschung. So toll und schön gemacht. War mir eine Ehre mich hier zu verewigen. Bekommt auf jeden Fall einen ganz dicken Favi.” –EllannaI was very curious about this cache and could hardly wait to find it. And then this surprise! So amazing and well-made. It was an honor to be here. Absolutely getting a big fat favorite point. What the cache owner has to say: What inspired you to hide the cache here?We always wanted to make some kind of a special cache. Not another film canister behind a traffic sign. We then had the opportunity to buy this small property opposite of our own wine cellar. And there was this damaged old wine cellar on it. As we did not want this old wine cellar to get completely rotten, so we renovated it. We had no real need for it, so my wife and me decided to try to make a cache out of it. We always sad, as long as no one damages something we will have a cache there. Just once we had some children finding the way to enter the cache and they spread the log book, but it was easy to repair it. And a other funny story happened when a cacher found the key to another wine cellar in the area, but that is another story. We have now some years without damage, and the cache is still alive. How old is the cellar in which the cache is hidden? Are there many in the area?No one knows how old those wine cellars are. In former days in our area nearly every house of a village had its own wine cellar. So there are quite some in the area. The local farmers dug them in winter time, but it was not written down when and from whom. The estimation is that they are some 200-300 of years old. What has been your reaction to all of the nice logs and Favorite Points?Of course it is a big pleasure to read all those nice logs and the see the Favourite Points coming in. ☺ Is there anything you'd like to say to the geocaching community? We hope to see many more cachers visiting our cache. If you see some people opposite of the cache – don't be shy it's maybe us. If we are there we are happy to have some glass of wine and a chat with you! Photos: Some cache owners go above and beyond to make finding and logging their cache an experience. What's your best experience? Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks! [...]
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