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Deep Darkness — Geocache of the Week

By Janelle
by Balla & Silly
Islas Baleares, Spain
N 39° 28.425 E 002° 29.127

Mediterranean sea sideGorgeous viewsThis geocache is located in Islas Baleares, Spain in the western Mediterranean Sea near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. This idyllic area has everything you could ever dream of: beaches, prehistoric ruins, gorgeous countryside, and of course, awesome geocaching.
Awesome geocachingThis geocache is in a former military zone which is now used by the public as a recreational area. It’s not suitable for little kids, people with claustrophobia, or people with nyctophobia (fear of the dark), but if you’re up for a hair raising adventure next to a beautiful ocean view (and who isn’t besides children, or people with claustrophobia, or people with nyctophobia), then this is your cache.
Former military zoneAre we sure we want to do this?Got claustrophobia?Normally for Geocache of the Week, we highlight several logs written by geocachers to give robust first-hand accounts of what it’s like to actually be there. This cache offered many amazing logs, but one in particular had to be shared in its entirety. And now ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we present to you a log by Jessex:
We were looking forward to this cache. After hiking to the GZ, and looking down the shift, Mrs J says, “I’m staying up here.” Mr J got down to the first platform and started down the next ladder. With scenes from various catacomb films flashing in my head, I stopped. I swear I heard something evil in the darkness and I climbed as fast as I could back to daylight. Mrs J was kind but I was disappointed in myself, I knew I had get this cache.
Down I went, ignoring the images of zombies, murderers and maniacs in my head. With my light in my pack, I descended into the darkness, the worst part when my body was in the tunnel but my head still in the shaft. As soon as I could I looked both ways down the tunnel, hoping to alleviate my fears of impending death but, alas, I could see nothing but darkness. With feet finally on the ground and light on, I could now see there was no danger, at least for as far as my light shone, 20 feet or so. Trying to remember the way from the cache page, with my back to the ladder and went right.
There was a door to the left very close by, I thought how wonderful. Entering the room it grew in size as the light revealed it, I knew this was not the right place. The only option was a small door with the words “dead end” written above it, emphasising the DEAD. This tunnel was hacked from the rocks and led downward. I thought to myself, “There’s no way in hell am I going down there!” if I had no scruples, I would have high tailed it out of there and logged a find, but damn my morals, I walked into the abyss.
Next I did something I knew I shouldn’t, I looked behind me. There was nothing there, of course, but now I was even more aware of the enveloping darkness and dread. At the T junction I went left as instructed but moved a bit too fast to see the cache, I had to go back and search more slowly. Eureka, I found it. But how to hold the light, cache and find a pen and open the cache without losing control. I managed but just barely. I took a TB, closed up the cache and redid it, without any monsters getting me.
I noticed a light further down the tunnel, I thought I may have an easier way out. Managing to squeeze by the boulder blocking the exit and climb a little only to see I was deeper than I thought. I could not risk climbing the cliffs back to Mrs J, on fear of plummeting to my death. Dread overtook me as I realised I must leave the glorious sunshine and descend once again into the realm of the dead.
Stiff-lipped, I slid into the tunnel and began walking into the darkness. My light was fading and I was sure I saw a being walking toward me, I sped up hoping to get to the turn before it did. I turned right and headed up the incline of jutting rocks, hearing something behind me, I refused to look, focusing on the tunnel ahead. At the door I closed it as far as I could, concentrated on getting to the ladder. Looking right, I saw the big room again, only this time a sinister feeling overtook me. I heard the door I had just shut begin to open. Don’t look, don’t look. Just get to the exit. I put the light into my pack, walking the last few steps in only the light offered by the ladder shaft. Up the ladder, up the ladder.
I am not fit, and am carrying extra weight, but fear and adrenalin are great helpers. Up to the platform, listening to heavy breathing, was it mine or the monster’s? Legs don’t fail me now! The last few rungs almost got me but finally I was bathed in light and arms of Mrs J. We did it, mission accomplished!
Favourite point, thanks.Jessex (UK)
Stay strong, geocachersYou’ll be fineJust a little furtherWhich tunnel is the correct one?Is that a dead end?Jose was hereIs this the cache?Light at the end of the tunnelAnd a little turtle friend to comfort you on a job well doneContinue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world.
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