By Andrew Baldwin
by catalyst
Nebraska, United States of America
N 42° 08.605′ W 102° 51.449′

Carhenge – Sacred Tourist Trap is Nebraska’s first GOTW — we will try to not make it too corny. Carhenge consists of 38 automobiles 96 feet (29 m) in diameter and is one of the most favorited caches in the state with over 1,000 logs.

Visiting the towering cars reminiscent of the Great Britain’s Stonehenge may be exhausting because of the size of the structure and there are a ton of potential hiding spots for a small, black, magnetic spare-key lock box.

According to the cache page you’re encouraged to sign the designated vehicle labelled “Auto-graph” to log your find. If you’re not too tired after Carhenge, there’s a TB motel (GC6GP1C) in the nearby parking lot.

How many puns are in this post?

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