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Hanover, Germany
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Hanover is the capital city of Lower Saxony. The city is known for its quaint aesthetic, world class events, and the Eilenriede — a forest in the middle of the city that is twice the size of Central Park in New York City. The Geoheimnisse der Region Hannover GeoTour (GT31) hosts 75 unique gadget caches with a total of almost 10,000 Favorite points — that’s an average of 135 Favorite points per cache! If you’ve seen the caches for yourself it’s no mystery why this GeoTour has the second-most Favorite Points in the world.

The GeoTour has multiple themes which allow you to tailor your visit to your own interests. Learn about sustainable resources, the impact music had in Hanover, visit historical buildings and learn about Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, take a mini-tour of the world, and cycle around the 80 km (~50 mi) route around the city for the bike route caches — or find them all!
Recommended Caches:
GC5KN1N — Internationale Geoheimnisse: Italien
This Multi-Cache leads you through the Landesmuseum. Enjoy the many German, French and Italian works of art dating back to the Renaissance and Baroque eras. Not into fine art? You can still enjoy the museum’s world-class archaeology and natural history exhibits.
Follow the instructions on the cache page on where to start the Multi-Cache and learn how to get into the museum for free (if you’re a geocacher).

GC6A3JN — Leibniz` Geoheimnisse: Denk mal!
Leibniz is considered one of the last universal geniuses. He not only engaged in engineering but also in many spiritual subjects and social issues. He also invented the binary numbering system, which is used today in almost every electronic device. A visible sign to this day is the water art of Herrenhäuser Gärten. In his honor a temple and a monument were erected in Hanover.

GC5KN13 — Internationale Geoheimnisse: Niederlande
Although you wouldn’t notice at first glance, this building is the site of the Dutch honorary consulate. Today, the consulates have more representative functions and promotes the interests and support of Dutch citizens living in Lower Saxony.

What are the top 5 reasons to visit this area?
The Eilenriede — It’s the largest city park/forest in Europe. You can be in the woods while you are in the middle of a city!
Ride an elevator that travels diagonally at the Hanover town hall.
The Hanover Adventure Zoo is a world class zoo full of animals and great caches.
During winter, the Maschsee (lake) freezes over for ice skating and Christmas markets are open.
While in the town, learn the proper way to drink “Lüttje Lage” a local combination of beer and schnapps. Traditionally there is a special technique, but you’ll have to learn it from one of the locals.
Must see:
Did you know that the vinyl record was invented in Hannover? GC4T91G will take you to the birth place.

What geocachers are saying about this GeoTour
“We came upon this by chance on the way to a soccer match. Now that we got hooked it looks like we will return to Hanover specifically to visit this well designed series of caches. It took a few attempts until the cache was found. Maybe we could have added batteries of our own. But the idea and execution — marvelous. Guaranteed Favorite point.”
On today’s little adventure we also came by this Cache. Ujuijui, we had a ton of fun here! After we had the tool and determined the first Station (waypoint), it took awhile before it clicked, but after that everything went smoothly and we put all the information together. The Cache could now be quickly found and graced with our signature.”
“I did not think I would find the cache at the Hanover Airport because I do not fly. However, a colleague had an early morning flight, and we all slept over-night at the airport. Together with our flightless leader I made another round to search for the cache. We looked out for a safe place to sit for awhile and searched the location for possible hiding spot. A prior log was definitely helpful to find this amazing and well camouflaged cache. Very cool cache, I gave a Favorite point.”

For the past four years Germany’s first GeoTour has continued to “wow” those who take part in the tour. With so much to learn and see, it’s easy to get lost in all of the interesting caches and educational descriptions. In case you were lost in translation, “Geoheimnisse” is a play on words in the German language meaning geo-mystery. We have only one question: are you ready to solve it?Find out more about the Geoheimnisse der Region Hannover GeoTour here.
Note: All the above information was provided by the GeoTour host. Copy has been edited by Geocaching HQ.

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