By Natalie
by Team Davidsson
Örebro, Sweden
N 59° 15.716 E 015° 11.762

A historic building? Great views of the city? Daring feats of adventure? This geocache has it all!
Welcome to Örebro, the seventh largest city in Sweden. Known for shoe manufacturing and biscuit making, Örebro is also the site of multiple buildings dating back to Renaissance times.
The cache is located in Örebro’s southern water tower, which provided water for the city from 1887 until 1958 when it was replaced by a mushroom-shaped tower. Although no longer active, it provides the perfect setting for this T5 Mystery Cache. Where is the cache, you ask? To find out, you’ll have to strap on a harness and get ready for a thrilling adventure.

The quest begins at the bottom of the 43 meter (141 foot) tall tower. A stairway leads up the side of the structure to a door that only geocachers can open. From there, about halfway up the tower, you must rappel through a hole down two stories until you find a clue. The clue leads you out a window, where you’ll have to rappel once again down the side of the building to more clues that lead to the final location.

The cache owners, Team Davidsson, said their goal was simple: create a cache that offers “an interesting and historical place, some adrenaline, a small challenge to arrange the clues, a great place to have coffee, and a great opportunity to interact with new and old friends.” According to the 225 logs and 187 Favorite points, they succeeded in their mission.
Bonus: this cache is part of The Heart of Sweden GeoTour, a 92-cache adventure around Örebro County. Are you up for the challenge?

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