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Geocache of the Week Flashback Edition: Lego – einer ist zuviel (GC13Y2Y)

by riechkolben
Berlin, Germany
N 52° 30.568′ E 013° 22.362′

As we look back on twenty years of geocaching history, we are revisiting some of our favorite Geocache of the Week candidates from years past.

This week we’re looking back to February 2011 to a Geocache of the Week that is now a ‘piece’ of geocaching history. With a list of smileys longer than its neck and the most Favorite points of any geocache, Lego – einer ist zuviel stands tall atop the geocaching world. When we featured the geocache in 2011 it had just over 2,800 finds and 350 Favorite points. Nowadays GC13Y2Y boasts over 33,000 finds and has over 11,000 Favorite points.

Image by derBasty 

The geocache is worthy of such impressive stats. Placed in Berlin, Germany outside of the Legoland Discovery Center the life-size giraffe sticks out among the crowd. Many muggles take pictures and look in awe at the prominent LEGO creation. They may ‘block’ your chance to snag the geocache. Before looking you can assume there’s a cache somewhere nearby, but if you translate the title from German it provides a helpful hint for a difficult task. The title translates to “Lego – one is too much,” meaning, one of the bricks doesn’t belong.

Image by Equinox

Inspect each brick one by one and evade suspicion from passing muggles. The right brick is obvious as it isn’t glued to the rest of the structure. It’s an excellent “hidden in plain sight” geocache in one of the most visited cities in the world and the perfect fit for any cacher who hasn’t yet visited. The chances of running into another cacher at this location are nowadays pretty high, and it’s always a refreshing sight to see a fellow geocacher when traveling. 

Image by ShropshireA&M

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