by kk181269
Salzburg, Austria
N 47° 07.742 E 012° 48.430

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is the highest surfaced mountain pass road in Austria. The road is named after the Grossglockner, the tallest mountain in Austria. Travel along this road, and you will reach an unsuspecting lookout that holds a teeny tiny treasure, which proves that even a micro can remind you why you love being a geocacher.

Image by ioHpeiH.

Hidden in 2009, GC1X9WZ has been tucked away along a historic route for more than ten years. Countless muggle-filled cars must have zoomed past in that decade! Cacher or not, if you are driving down this road with the windows down, you will see snow-capped peaks and fields of wildflowers as the fresh country air whooshes past you. Geocachers on bicycles are also welcome to this geocache, but be sure to prepare for the long journey that lies ahead of you before putting your pedal to the metal.

Image by Jurac.

One cacher summed up the experience of finding this cache with their log, “Ein beeindruckendes Panorama. Riechen, Sehen, Hören. Die Sinne werden hier ordentlich bedient.” This translates to, “an impressive panorama. Smell, see, hear. The senses are properly served here.” Nature has a beautiful way of stimulating your body, mind, and soul. This cache leads you to a panoramic experience that will be sure to leave you in awe and with a shiny new smiley.

Image by Maarpiraten.

This cache is quite small, so the cache owner, kk181269, recommends bringing a pen along. In the cache gallery on, you will see that many adventurers have brought along their geo-pups to photograph in the grandeur of the mountains. We love seeing our furry friends and our community rising to such great heights.

Image by TeamWunderlich82.

Our Geocache of The Week for this time around is surrounded by other caches that require hiking and tricky mysteries. Sometimes, it’s okay to slow down, take in the scenery, and highlight a thoughtful cache that may be zipped past in the excitement of climbing a mountain. Now, more than ever, we should soak up the sun and appreciate the little things.

Source: Geocaching

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