Traditional Cache
by chrismaxx
N 39° 34.589′ E 003° 23.833′

Geocache of the Week features a wide variety of awe inspiring geocaches from witty gadget caches to extreme mountain caches in the Alps. Whether the cache is hidden in an old phone booth or on top of a mountain, they all have one thing in common: adventure.

Ten years ago we featured Cova de ses Crestes as Geocache of the Week. A rocky cave to climb through in Mallorca, an island in the Mediterranean, is the perfect setting for a quality adventure and roughly 1900 other geocachers seem to agree. Since we originally published GC17QRE it has amassed 1,700 Favorite points and has been logged over 4,600 times. 

The caves have ancient historical significance with signs of human life dating back to 1500 B.C. The terrain is a 3.5 and the difficulty is a 3, so the cache owner warns that the cache is not for those who are claustrophobic and can be technical in some areas. 

Approaching the cave can be difficult, because the entrance can be easily overlooked while walking around the craggy rock near the water. Once you’re there, throw on your head lamps, high-five your adventure buddy, and dive in. The dark caves will have some glimmer of light, and the muddled sound of heavy waves crashing against the rock above. 

The cache itself is a cylinder container hidden somewhere in the rock formations underground. Search high and low leaving no stone unturned and the cache will be yours. While you are in a cave, there is also a view like no other once you’re inside. A hole formed in the wall that looks out to the Medditeranean Sea – though you might get wet from waves crashing if you go during high tide. 

In ten years who knows how many more Favorite points chrismaxx will receive on this cache.

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