Traditional Cache
by kardamom
Corse, France
N 42° 35.033 E 008° 50.391

Geocaching can leave a lasting impact on us in many ways, from the ingenuity of the geocaches to the new places we discover. We have decided to revisit some of our favorite Geocaches of the Week from the past.

This week we’re looking back to December 2012 and the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. Separated from Sardinia, Italy by the Strait of Bonifacio, Corsica is home to Occi (GCWGPH). This geocache brings geocachers to the abandoned village of Occi. Scholars believe this small town was founded in the Middle Ages, and the first inhabitants were refugees from a nearby town. Although it was inhabited for hundreds of years, the small village was eventually abandoned for the larger town of Lumio.

Image by Kirdec.

Today, many geocachers start their journey to the coordinates from the town of Lumio. There are three different paths leading to Occi. None of the paths are too difficult and all are accessible to children. It only takes about 20-30 minutes to arrive and begin your exploration.

Image by Floniee.

GCWGPH can be found at the top of a hill overlooking the ruins and the Mediterranean Sea. Although the cache had just 128 pictures when we first featured it at the end of 2012, there are now 294 pictures and counting of the gorgeous location. The cache is located amongst the large rocks, and it does not take too much effort to find. Geocachers who embark on the hike to the coordinates all agree it is well worth the climb to sign the logbook and admire the forgotten city from above.

Image by Kalou.

After earning the smiley, geocachers can make their way down the hill and explore the ruins. As you wind through the crumbling stone remnants of the village it once was, it’s interesting to imagine how Occi existed in the past. One church has been renovated and restored, but the rest appears in its natural state as the town fades away. Geocachers who journey to Corsica to log GCWGPH leave with wonderful memories of a well-deserved find and a walk through history.

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