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Carson City, Nevada
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“Seeing a spider isn’t a problem, it becomes a problem when it disappears…” -Unknown

Geocaching takes us to incredible places, helps us tackle challenges we once thought were out of reach, and sometimes even forces us to face our fears. For those of us with a fear of spiders, this geocaching gem can help you overcome your arachnophobia with a cache bearing the same name!

This week, we’re headed to Nevada’s state capital to revisit GC2XHEQ, a cache we featured back in 2014. Nestled only a few miles east of world-famous Lake Tahoe, Carson City’s historic downtown invites you to learn about the history of the region, and collect a few finds in a picturesque setting close to the heart of government in the Silver State.

Image by thomfre.

Just a few moments walk from downtown, the unassuming ground zero may have some geocachers pondering whether a cache could be hidden at the site at all. But this challenging cache requires an eagle eye as you search for the spider, resting in its lair far above the ground. 

With just a few cranks from a fishing reel, the huge spider awakens, and descends down below, right where you are standing! Be careful to move out of the way of this lofty beast as it tumbles down to Earth.

Image by wizardofmd69nSuzanne.

Have no fear, this once spooky-looking creature is actually quite friendly both to locals and visitors alike. Braving the Nevada elements year round, this spider delights geocachers far and wide with its fuzzy coat, funny haircut, and cleverly hidden geocache.

Image by toycruiser.

Since this cache’s placement back in 2011, it has earned nearly 400 Favorite points and plenty of love from the geocaching community which makes this geocache a must-visit experience for geocachers.

After signing the log on this memorable find, the final task is to help the friendly spider back up into its home in the trees. After you reel the spider back, it’s ready to delight the next geocacher. 

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