by mundoceleste
Zürich, Switzerland
N 47° 22.535′ E 008° 32.563′

Love lock bridges can be found all over the world. Love locks are a commitment that couples make to each other in the form of padlocks that dangle on a bridge over a body of water. Zürich, Switzerland is home to one of the many love lock bridges, and hidden amongst the thousands of padlocks is one very special lock; this week’s Geocache of the Week —  ❤ Geo + Cache ❤  (GC654F0).

Image by Quartzz_7.

As the largest city in Switzerland, Zürich is full of rich history and stunning architecture including historical churches and bridges alike. Set where the sparkling water of the Limmat River meets Lake Zürich, the Münsterbrücke Bridge allows thousands of locks left by travelers over the years. Each lock tells a different story and it’s tempting to stop and admire all the locks left by past visitors or even place your own. 

Image by klettersteigexpertin.

One padlock, in particular, is special to geocachers as it is a challenging geocache to key in on. To find GC654F0 give yourself plenty of time to thoroughly search each lock. Your journey may take you back and forth across the bridge as you try to locate the perfect lock but have no fear, as you are not alone. Geocacher Prying Pandora summed up the search for GC654F0, “What a needle in a haystack! Perseverance pays off, though!”

Image by nature0nut.

There are said to be over 3000 padlocks covering the bridge rails from people all over the world. When this cache was first placed, cache owner mundoceleste originally had this geocache set to a three difficulty and in 2019, had to update it to a four difficulty because the number of locks on the bridge had increased. Many geocachers have returned to find this geocache because of its updated difficulty. 

Image by Prying Pandora.

Geocacher don pipolino made a return visit to GC654F0, retraced their steps, and wrote a detailed account of their experience: 

“We had to visit here twice today. The first time in the morning we looked here for one hour. Although we actually knew what we were looking for, we couldn’t find anything.

With a tip on which side of the bridge the cache is, we knew we wanted to look again. 😁  This time we had a lot more luck because I was able to unmask the cache with the very first handle after Meury had determined the NP for us. 💪🏼  We both had to laugh. 😅 Actually I didn’t really expect a find here today. 🤓

Thank you very much, mundoceleste, for the cool cache and for showing us and leading us to this beautiful bridge!”

Geocaching has a way of bringing people together who share a love of the outdoors and adventure. GC654F0 is the perfect cache for those who are seeking a challenge and want to take part in a tradition that spans the last 100 years.

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