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Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s easier than you think to catch the geocaching lovebug!

For Valentine’s Day this year, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk to the geocaching community and hear about the best geocaching love stories. So we turned to our social media to ask one very important question: 

“What is your geocaching love story, either with another geocacher or with geocaching itself?” 

Here are a few of the heartwarming responses we received! 

The first year of me and my boyfriend’s relationship was spent geocaching. I moved to be with him and he never explored the area we live in much. We went out every weekend, exploring new parks and areas. On our anniversary, we placed our own geocache across the street from where we had our first date. In the last seven years, we have found geocaches in several states. Secretly, I hope someday to open a geocache and see a ring, but don’t tell him that! 

– Mccollinsdesign

I grew up near New Orleans and thought I had seen it all. Once I got into geocaching, I had to explore around and in the French Quarter. The art was extremely awesome in every find… until I came upon a cache I couldn’t figure out. It was a strange spot with way too many muggles. That’s when I decided to look at the hint. It said, ‘if you can’t find it, ask the lady at the desk.’ That itself was strange, but I decided to ask the lady at the desk anyway. She asked me, ‘What’s geocaching?’ and that left me lost… until she gave in and laughed. The next thing I know, I’m at the top of one of the tallest skyscrapers, looking down at New Orleans like never before from a view I never expected and most likely, will never experience again. If not for geocaching… I would have never experienced that. That was nearly 10 years ago, and I have not stopped since.

– arestus

I knew my wife before we started geocaching. So we both started searching for caches together and loved it. One day I hid a fake cache in the forest and pretended it was a published cache. At first, she didn’t want to join me on the FTF hunt, but then she agreed. After she opened the cache and found pictures of us and something to drink, she turned around where I was kneeling with a ring in my hand and asked her the question of all questions. Spoiler: she said YES.

– Bitburger87

When I first started geocaching, I watched multiple videos on the game and decided to go out and give it a try. After the first find, I just fell in love with it and just wanted to find more! So I chose the next closest one and continued to loop around the area until I ended back up at my starting point. During that loop, I, unfortunately, got a few DNFs which was a little bit sad, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to try again! A few days later, I noticed that the owner had replaced it, and I headed back up to the location. After a few minutes, I found it! It was a unique container that I’d never seen since then. After gaining some experience, I decided to attempt my first field puzzle. I brought so many TOTT for the first one, not knowing what to expect, and I ended up having the right one to solve it, and it was such a cool experience! From that point forward, field puzzles became my favorite geocache type to find!

– SWA_Luv_Flyer

Thetattooedjew had been away, and we decided to meet for lunch the day he got back. He called me at work and told me where to meet him, but he called me back once I was on my way. He told me that he had just received an Instant Notification on his Blackberry that a new geocache had just been published nearby (it was 2007). He asked me if I wanted to try to be FTF, and I said, ‘Of course!’ I met up with thetattooedjew and he had his GPS programmed and I set up my GPS and started looking. After looking in a few spots around a pavilion, I found an ammo can and was surprised at the size. I opened it, and there was only one little gift bag that struck me as odd. I said, ‘Maybe it’s an FTF prize.” Thetattooedjew said, ‘Maybe it’s for you,” but I didn’t quite process what he said. I pulled out the bag, then a little box, and opened it; It was an engagement ring! Thetattooedjew asked me to be his wife; I kissed him and said yes, of course.

– emilierene

During the last few years, it has been hard for my fiance and me to find something to do together. When I found out about geocaching, we decided to try it together. We love it. I geocache more than he does, but it is our go-to hobby now.  Thank you for giving us back a date activity. 

– ElleJ13

Sharing the geocaching love doesn’t have to start and end with Valentine’s Day; the love can be shared year-round. Geocaching is for everyone, and we are so excited to see what new love stories come out of 2022. The love doesn’t have to end here; share your geocaching love story in the comments below!

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