What are you doing today? Are you hungry? Bored? Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s probably an Adventure for you. With new filters in the Adventure Lab® app, you can choose the Adventure you want to experience, by filtering for themes.

You can already search by estimated time to complete an Adventure, completion status, Adventure type, and look for new Adventures. Now, you can also select 31 different themes that range from Art to Sightseeing to Wildlife. Open the Adventure Lab® app and tap the filter icon to pick what you like.

After applying the themes filter, you’ll see all Adventures with any of the themes you’ve selected.

Note: There are some Adventures that don’t have themes added yet.

If you own an active Adventure, you can add up to three themes to it. To do so, log in to the Adventure Lab builder and edit your Adventures. Make sure to select “Update Adventure” to save your edits. If you have available Adventure Lab credits, you’ll be required to add at least one theme when you create your Adventure.

Source: Geocaching

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