Though geocachers around the world have only been navigating their way through Signal’s Labyrinth since early April, they’re certainly not newbies when it comes to labyrinths and mazes. These types of puzzles are often features of geocaches, especially Mystery Caches. If you’ve been geocaching for a while, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across a cache with a labyrinth theme, a pinball-style maze, or some other crafty puzzle that tests your wits before you can sign the logbook. Today we’re celebrating geocachers’ passion for puzzles with three different labyrinth-themed caches.

Das Labyrinth
GC6JDPR, D 4.5/T 1.5

An intricate maze
One of the six puzzles you have to solve to find the coordinates. Could you make it out of this labyrinth?

This Mystery Cache in Germany is appropriately named Das Labyrinth. The owners of the cache provide the first few digits of the final coordinates, but to find the remaining digits you have to solve six different labyrinth puzzles that are displayed on the cache page. Once you’ve taken care of that, it’s off to the location of the cache. We can’t spoil anything about the container and the process to get to the logbook, but rest assured that the cache’s 391 Favorite points are a strong indication of how impressive the experience of making this find is.

GC99JC6 D 3/T 4

Logbook with picture of Jareth the goblin king on its cover.
The logbook for EL LABERINTO. Image by NAF4.

EL LABERINTO is a Mystery Cache in Spain inspired by the 1986 fantasy film Labyrinth. In the film, an evil goblin king named Jareth lives in the center of a mysterious labyrinth. The heroine of the film has to navigate the labyrinth in order to find Jareth and save her brother. Luckily, you won’t have to deal with any goblin kings to find this cache’s location. To find the coordinates for this cache, you must head to the Adventure Lab® app and complete the LABERINTO Adventure.

Het betoverde labyrinth
GC55F5C, D 4/T 1

An intricate mazeTwo happy cachers who found the treasure chest in the enchanted labyrinth. Image by draconem007.

The highly-Favorited Belgian cache Het betoverde labyrinth (The enchanted labyrinth in English) is technically a Traditional Cache. Like all Traditional Caches, the posted coordinates take searchers right to the cache’s hiding place. However, after arriving at the location, this geocache makes you navigate through a few more twists and turns before you arrive at the logbook. First, you have to solve a riddle to find the code to unlock the outer container, then you have to take on a physical puzzle in order to open a treasure chest inside the outer container and get to the logbook.

What’s the best puzzle you had to solve in order to get to a geocache’s logbook? Share in the comments!

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