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Québec, Canada
N 46° 48.784′ W 071° 12.332′

On the banks of the mighty St. Lawrence, perched upon a hill, Château Frontenac towers above Québec City as its metaphorical gateway. The colossal structure—equipped with chimneys, spires, turrets, and towers—resembles something from a fantasy novel!

Join us as we’re en route to the Great White North for the Geocache of the Week: GC46BZ4, Château en vue (Castle view)!

If you find the journey just as magical as the destination, this might be the perfect cache for you. The neighborhood of Old Québec offers infinite ways to explore, unwind, and of course, geocache! Quaint shops and restaurants line busy roads, while street musicians fill the air with dulcet tones. The district is also home to several popular historic attractions. Just a few minutes’ walk can take you from the town hall to the Citadelle of Québec, the Plains of Abraham along the riverside, or even a 17th-century monastery.

Image by geosidecar.

The crown-jewel of Québec City, however, is arguably the Châteauesque masterpiece that is Château Frontenac. Tourists worldwide flock to marvel at this behemoth structure, and it’s really no secret why. Take some time for yourself to bask in its glory, then get ready to find the Geocache of the Week!

Image by KSTiph.

The only downside to geocaching in such an enchanting locale: the area is muggle-dense, meaning you need to exercise extreme caution and stealth. For those that like a challenge, this will only add to the fun! Look for the right opportunity, and make a beeline for GZ to begin your search; you’re looking for a regular-sized, cylindrical container.

Image by team goldy c,l,t,b.

Take note that the cache isn’t actually found within the confines of Château Frontenac—we’re here for the “castle view” after all! GC46BZ4 offers a bit of challenge with its 2.5 difficulty rating, but with cunning geo-senses and a strong GPS signal, you should be able to secure the find with plenty of time left to sightsee. Sign the log, replace the cache, and it’s on to the next one!

Image by 4EverYoungs.

After a long day’s work, feel free to sleep it off in Château Frontenac itself; the castle has functioned as a hotel since its grand opening in 1893! This building offers some of the best views of Québec City available; from this vantage point, you can watch the sun fade beyond the horizon and witness the city transform with an exciting nightlife atmosphere. And to think this amazing journey began with a single geocache!

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