by Jeannot.Berdorf
N 49° 49.415′ E 006° 20.289′

Bedorf, Luxembourg, is a relatively small town with a big secret: it’s home to the country’s most-Favorited geocache! However, those looking to log GC25Y1X (Hölle) have a mighty challenge ahead, as the cache is tucked away in the recesses of an elaborate cave system. Only the most intrepid cachers will secure this Geocache of the Week! Are you ready to hop in?

Image by Dalmi01.

Eastern Luxembourg is, in many ways, a nature lover’s paradise; the serene countryside offers expansive nature preserves and impressive landscapes seemingly around every corner. Vistas, dramatic sandstone cliffs, and lush foliage are just a few common sights in this neck of the woods. As you set off on the search for GC25Y1X, your excursion to GZ is sure to be spectacular; just ensure you have all the necessary equipment, namely water, a flashlight with extra batteries, and of course, a pen.

Allow the cliffs to guide you; the cave is accessible via a narrow crack between them. Take a good look at the outside world—you likely won’t see it for another 30 minutes or so. After you muster up the courage, take your first steps into Hölle and watch the light behind you slowly fade. It’s time to geocache!

Once it’s too dark to see, flick on your headlamp or flashlight. Claustrophobics may not enjoy what they see—the cave has particularly narrow passageways, and it’s your mission to navigate them. However, thanks to the CO, Jeannot.Berdorf, you’re unlikely to get lost; reflectors line the right-hand side of the cave and will take you directly to the cache. The biggest challenge? Not getting totally creeped out! There are plenty of cache guardians here: salamanders, spiders, and as these two show us… dogs!

Images by Team shellymouse & Berdorfer90.

Around every corner, the path narrows as the winding limestone walls draw closer and closer. Then, just as you start to wonder if you can make it any further, you spot it: the last reflector! And below it? You guessed it: the cache. Hooray!

Image by Tedonus.

After your celebration, open up the logbook and whip out your pen. Even in the darkest and dankest corners of our world, the power of geocaching shines through as you read the countless names of daring adventurers to come before you. Add your own name to the list and relish in the glory of this find; this is a well-earned smiley!

It’s now time to return the cache container and begin your retreat to the outside world. As you glance back, GZ slowly fades into the darkness, but your fond memories of this beloved cache will shine forever. As you round the cave’s final corner, light pours in from the exit, and you finally breathe a sigh of relief. One way or another, you exit this cave a different person from when you entered. New experiences, a new smiley, and, depending on how close you got with the cave’s critters, new friends! Some would argue this is where the adventure ends. To us geocachers, this is only a new beginning.

Image by Team Klijnschatje.

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