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Creative caches: Climbing caches

One of the many great things about geocaching is that it is a game that’s easy to pair with other activities. If you love puzzles, you can become a Mystery Cache expert. If you’re a social butterfly, you can host and attend Event Caches. If you love scaling rock faces and swinging on tree branches, there are caches for that too. A quick search for geocaches with the “Difficult climb” and “Climbing gear required” attributes reveals a special subset of caches that are sure to thrill any climbing cacher. Read on to see four examples of caches to climb for.

Ab die Post!
GC14ZWX, D 2/T 5

Image by

The search for this Traditional Cache leads geocachers to the Postalmklamm (Postalm Gorge) in western Austria. To get to the cache location, cachers must follow a fixed-rope climbing route throughout the gorge. A complete set of climbing gear and proficient climbing skills is required to safely navigate along the steep rocky sides of the gorge and find the geocache.

Alfie’s Ultimate Free Climb
GC5R1PW, D 3.5/T 4.5

The view from the cache location. Image by BoxHunter1991.

High up overlooking a wide, green field outside of London sits Alfie’s Ultimate Free Climb, a cache that is perfect for anyone who loves tree-climbing and also does not have a fear of heights. The cache owner says in the description that it is possible to get to the cache by free climbing, but based on the comments it may be helpful to bring climbing gear to get to the first branch.

Havran nebo vrana
GC3HKQB, D 3.5/T 5

Image by GripenHK.

The title of this cache Havran nebo vrana (Raven or crow in English) refers to the cache container, but it could also refer to the creatures you might see flying by when you find the cache container placed high above the ground in a tree in northern Czechia. Climbing equipment is necessary to find this highly-Favorited cache.

Dragon’s Hole (IX)
GC5WPAR, D 3/T 5

Image by trainkrazy.

Many climbing caches take cachers to higher altitudes, but this cache takes its finders down to sea-level. Be on guard for a magical creature that might find you too delicious to resist as you descend the 200 feet (61 meters) down the rope to the pit of the dragon’s lair.

Move on up with your next outing using search filters for Premium members. To find climbing and other challenging caches on the Geocaching® mobile app, filter for terrain-level five caches, or use search to filter by specific attribute.

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