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EmberQuest #1 – Castle Storeroom — Geocache of the Week



by TeamMonroes






Ohio, United States

N 40° 10.843 W 083° 10.201

Calling all adventurers!

Are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime to find a geocache? Well look no further, because our Geocache of the Week, EmberQuest #1 – Castle Storeroom (GC8QAYM) gives you the chance to dust off your armor and partake in combat to locate geocaches both on-screen and in real life!

Are you up for the challenge?

The EmberQuest series by geocacher TeamMonroes takes players through an RPG dungeon crawl-style video game where they must explore their surroundings, fight enemies that stand in their path, and pick up any loot (and coordinates) that they find along the way.

With 31 digital chests hidden throughout the game, players can choose to scratch the surface with the first cache—Castle Storeroom—or explore the whole game board to find all 31 caches in the series.

Upon your entrance to the digital world of EmberQuest, you find yourself in a dimly-lit castle. Health and energy scores hover at full capacity overhead, but an investigation of your inventory reveals an evident lack of gear or tools to assist in this quest. The darkness looms around you, and a faint melody plays in the distance. Otherwise, the castle seems strangely quiet.

Something, somewhere, beckons.

You notice a signpost several paces away from the starting location. As you read, the mission begins to take shape; you know what must be done to save the land and find the famed geocaches.

Step away from the signpost and start your exploration of the castle. While you explore, you notice the dark hexagons around you slowly fade, and your surroundings are suddenly clearer. You set off to find the first chest, your nervous heartbeat joining the chorus of sounds in the dungeon-like castle.

The inspection reveals plenty of empty rooms in the large castle; it’s becoming increasingly clear that something terrible has happened here, and that you may be the only hero brave enough to make it right.

Finally, you discover the chest hidden away in one of the rooms! Among its contents are 15 gems, a key to the north gate, and a marauder report that details exactly what occurred on the night the castle was raided. Most importantly, you discover the coordinates that you sought all along.

You now have the tools to take your search out into the real world. You are suddenly transported from the digital fantasy world you had become acquainted with to the physical realm, in the faraway land of Ohio. The vibrant park in which you find yourself poses quite a stark contrast to the dingy castle you were in moments before.

You find yourself near a small body of water and a gazebo; the fresh air of the park and your GPS device indicate that you are close to success. You venture onwards, without fear of marauders or any other obstacles between you and the treasure (well, maybe just muggles).

Image by DelaneyLady.

Finally, after a brief search near the gazebo, you have the small cache container in hand! Your weapon of choice changes from your trusty digital sword to your real-life pen as you sign your username in the logbook and mark your spot as a hero. You look at the names of all the heroes who came before you, and know that your journey has all been worth it for this moment.


Image by captainmath.

You can’t help but think back to the concerning messages you read about the stolen artifact, the Enchanted Ember. It seemed almost too quiet in the castle, and you can’t shake the notion that there were enemies and greater hurdles lurking just outside the castle walls.

Do you take on the quest and find the 30 remaining geocaches to save the Land? Do you throw on your armor once again and face the untold dangers that await you? With EmberQuest, the choice is up to you!

Whatever your choice, we wish you safe travels and happy geocaching, adventurer.

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