In this edition of Adventure Lab® Spotlight, explore a city by following the footsteps of one of its famous past residents. In the Adventure, Śladami S. Wyspiańskiego / following S. Wyspiański, you will see a different side of the Polish city of Krakow as you visit five sites that were important in the life of the celebrated writer and painter Stanisław Wyspiański. If you’re artistically inclined, you might want to bring a sketchpad with you on the outing in case you are struck by the same inspiration that led Wyspianski to create paintings that now hang in the National Museum in Krakow.

The five Locations of this Adventure chart the life of Stanisław Wyspiański, starting at the house where he was born and ending at the apartment and studio where he made his final works. Cachers seeking artistic inspiration are most likely to find it at the Adventure’s third and fourth Locations, the Church of St. Francis of Assisi and Planty Park.

At the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in the historic Old Town district of Krakow you can see some of Wyspiański’s artwork. The artist designed several impressive stained glass windows in the church showcasing his skill and artistic style.

The fourth location, Planty Park, is a large park that wraps around the Old Town district. Wyspiański likely took many walks there as the park shows up in a number of his paintings such as the one in the image below.

The estimated amount of time to complete the Adventure is over two hours, but all the Locations are in central Krakow making it easy to fit the Adventure in between seeing other sites in the city.

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