by AnnabelenTim
Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
N 52° 09.264′ E 004° 40.403′

Located in South Holland, a miniature escape room awaits all who are up for a challenge. Many levels of doors and locks carefully guard this cache, and only the most skilled cachers can get in. This week’s Geocache of the Week, ESCAPE KOFFER !!! (GC90Q8M) waits for its next challenger. Are you up for the test?

Cold and crisp air guides adventurers on their morning stroll along the water. The ground is fresh with frost from the night before, and every footprint leaves a mark on the stiff grass. The chill in the air leads right to the cache. A mysterious suitcase stares back as geocachers gather around. Is this what we’ve been looking for? Where’s the logbook? The silence is deafening, and questions swirl through the leaves of the nearby trees. All anyone can think about is what it takes to crack the code.

Image by AnCaNoRuJa.

They slowly open up the suitcase and examine the tiny doors. Eight peculiar locks guard each door, and the only way to get to the logbook is to solve each one. This test will take time as each lock requires a different combination.

The cache page calls out a few special items needed to complete this cache: a QR code scanner and a notepad. The cache owner, AnnabelenTim, reminds all cachers to take their time and to record each number from the locks, as this information is needed at the end.

Image by gj75.

GC90Q8M is notorious for keeping cachers for up to an hour while they work on decoding the individual puzzles and cracking the case. The geocacher, Gpols1 shared their experience with this cache in their log:

“…When I arrived, I was already very surprised, and I immediately knew that I would be busy here for a while. There were different codes to crack through and very nice puzzles… This cache is really cool, and I’d like to put a thousand favorites in it, but the one favorite I can give is well deserved!”

Image by GEOrgCACHING.

As the group solves each puzzle, each door opens one by one; the logbook feels more attainable than ever. Stay calm and collected with each puzzle, especially the building block puzzle. This one often stumps cachers and requires them to think extra hard or even reach out for a hint from the CO.

The last door finally opens, and the logbook is in hand! The feeling of victory is almost palpable as the geocachers complete the puzzle. The time it took to methodically collect each important number truly made this cache feel like an escape room. The feeling of inking the next username on the logbook is unforgettable—another puzzle cracked and another cache conquered!

Image by FlensNL.

They put the escape suitcase back together for the next cacher to find. They gathered all of their tools and excitedly walked off to the next cache! They took their newfound skills with them to the next cache.

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