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Why did the chicken cross the road?

This age-old question marks the pages of every existing joke book and continues to elicit groans from bystanders to this day. But would things be different if there was a geocache at the end of the punchline? Join us as we find the answer to this famous riddle and revisit a Geocache of the Week we featured over ten years ago, What the CLUCK? (GC3K9TV).

Image by Lacknothing.

Birds of a feather flock together, and geocachers are no different. Geocachers can often make quick friends while out searching for a cache. But is it just as easy to make friends with non-geocachers—or even still: friends of a different species? GC3K9TV is designed to put finders outside their comfort zone and get a little down and dirty to make their claim to the cache.

The posted coordinates lead geocachers to a farm outside of Newburg, Wisconsin. Immediately upon arrival, something will catch your eye on the opposite side of the road. Is this it? Can it really be this easy?

Upon further inspection, you realize that the journey has not quite yet begun. The chicken statue that you spotted directs you, coincidentally, across the road. You set out again, this time with clear clues that you are in the right spot.

Images by Trudy & the beast and mbfan.

Once again, you spot the cache container! Victorious, you open the lid—only to discover a note and some chicken treats. To your dismay, you discover that this is still not the cache container. However, you now have the tools to reach success. As the note explains, the treats found inside the box are to win over the “peckish” residents of the farm, whom you will soon meet.

Image by mbfan.

With your Tools of the Trade (chicken treats) in hand, you follow the directions on the note to find the nesting place for your long-sought-after cache. You find yourself escorted by the friendly welcoming committee as you go, which may or may not have to do with the treats you throw down as you follow the path to the container.

Finally, the cache is in sight! As you round the corner to the front of the coop, you spot it in all its shining glory: the geocache!

Image by Khrystill.

With your supply of treats diminishing and your attention shifting to the cache, your welcome party leaves you to attend to other matters. This leaves nothing else but to claim your find and sign your name in the logbook. You’re so excited about the find that your writing ends up looking more like chicken scratch, but that seems fitting.

Now that this amusing journey comes to an end, you sit back and watch the chickens for a moment, mulling over the question that started it all: Why did the chicken cross the road?

You may not know the answer to this question besides the obvious, but you do know one thing. Why would someone drive out of their way, follow instructions from a stone chicken, and let a flock of poultry lead them to an unknown destination?

For the same reason that we are all here: for the love of geocaching!

Image by Blue Crow Expedition.

Since its feature in 2012, GC3K9TV has grown tenfold from 25 Favorite points to over 250 and has amassed over 500 “Found it” logs from geocachers from around the world.

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