Disclaimer: Oops! We missed a key detail before publishing this blog post. The Adventure highlighted in this blog post uses UV writing, which is considered a physical object and is not allowed in Adventures per the Adventure Lab® guidelines.

If you’re an experienced geocacher, you might be familiar with night caches, geocaches that are difficult or impossible to find during the day. Often geocachers have to use flashlights or UV lights to find them. But have you heard of night Adventures? If you’re interested in this exciting genre of Adventure, you’ll want to read this month’s Adventure Lab Spotlight, UV – LAB Under Kuřim. Get your headlamps and rubber boots ready for this nighttime Adventure in Kuřim, Czechia that will have you exploring a river and the bridges and tunnels it passes through.

The five sequential Locations of this Adventure, each of which is dedicated to one the creator’s geocaching friends, take explorers to different spots along the Kurimka, a small river that runs through the city of Kuřim. At each Location, the answer to a question is on a structure written in reactive paint that requires a UV light to see. You’ll feel the thrill of discovery as you wade through the moonlit shallow stream looking for the concealed words painted on a bridge that will give you the answer you’re looking for.

Planning ahead and familiarizing yourself with the route from Location to Location will definitely be helpful for preparing to complete this Adventure. The creator of the Adventure, bediss, mentions in the description that you’ll definitely need boots and a UV flashlight. With the right equipment you’ll be set up for some fun nighttime exploration, just be careful not to fall in the river.

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Source: Geocaching

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