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Some geocaches have a special place in our memories, but some really know how to “lock” in a place in our hearts. “Bridge” the gap with us as we search for our Geocache of the Week, Bernardinai bridge V3.0.

Our journey begins in Lithuania’s capital city of Vilnius. Like many large cities around the world, sweethearts can secure their love for one another by placing a “love lock” on one of the various bridges in the city. But did you know you can secure your love for geocaching on the very same bridge?

Image by samiras.

Take a stroll and enjoy some of the unique artwork that dots the grassy area around you. Vilnius is full of color and this bridge is no exception, as locks of various sizes, colors, and designs create a masterpiece that showcases love’s tenacity.

However, only one lock holds the symbolic key to the secrets you seek. With hundreds of locks on this bridge, how can you know where to begin?

Image by Litawor.

Luckily, the cache owner anticipated such a challenge and provides a clear hint on the cache page. Equipped with your hint and the past logs from other geocachers, you can feel confident in your searching ability!

Your next puzzle to solve is how to retrieve the cache container without alerting the presence of non-geocachers nearby. This is not an easy feat since you’re close to the city center. No matter the weather, you’re likely to run into visitors as they cross the bridge, pose for pictures, or add their own lock to the bridge’s history.

Image by jazzyjessups.

After a short wait for the perfect moment, you finally have the cache in hand! You would jump for joy if it weren’t for the fear of dropping the newly-secured logbook into the water below. As you find room for your username on the micro-sized paper, take a moment to look out at the water and the beautiful city around you.

Even if you didn’t place a lock on the bridge like many that have come before you, you still contributed to a piece of history here. You’ve not only “locked” away your find, but a special memory for years to come.

Image by el_calibro.

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