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Komposter — Geocache of the Week

by Nogravitytoday
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Now boarding, the Cache Express!

Many geocachers are avid travelers, but have you ever needed a ticket to log a geocache? With our Geocache of the Week, Komposter (GC9B9GX), you’ll need to do some extra travel planning in order to sign your name. Join us as we hop on board for this grand adventure!

Do you have a ticket to ride?

Image by gc_kingu.

Our first stop: a lush forest, shrouded in the mystery of the abandoned buildings that dot the landscape. What were these used for? What’s their purpose now? All great questions, but there’s no time to ponder—we have a bus to catch!

Ok, so there’s no actual bus needed for this geocache, but the amazing design of Nogravitytoday’s creation will have you second guess yourself. Was there a bus I’m supposed to be on right now?

Image by Nogravitytoday.

This creative Multi-Cache begins with a task. Ticket composters, also known as ticket punches, are used to mark train and bus tickets as passengers board. Whether you’re a public transport aficionado or a car-only kind of geocacher, you’ll be an expert ticket puncher after this find!

Once you arrive at the first waypoint, you’ll insert your “ticket” that you brought with you on the journey. As you punch the piece of paper, you’ll begin to notice an unusual pattern start to form…


You pull your ticket from the machine and realize: this isn’t a pattern at all—it’s numbers! The exact numbers, in fact, that are needed to find the geocache. With the coordinates in hand, you make your way to the final waypoint with the urgency of one who’s about to miss their bus.

Image by gc_kingu.

Next stop: ground zero! You locate the final geocache just in time—the Cache Express is about to pull out of the station! But wait, did you bring your ticket?

Luckily, Nogravitytoday has got you covered, and provides pre-punched tickets to accommodate this portion of your trip. Simply sign your username and drop it in the ticket collection box to board this geocache.

Image by gc_kingu.

Finally you can rest, as your travels come to an end and your ticket is safely stored away, a marker of the journey you took today. No matter how you arrived, you leave feeling a bit closer to travelers—and geocachers—that came before you.

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