By Derek H
The geocache (with its updated badge).

Geocache Name:
Fission around the bend (GC1NGRD)
Difficulty/Terrain Rating:
Why this is the Geocache of the Week:
Most geocachers love a good gadget cache and this geocache is a perfect example. These types of geocaches highlight the creativity and ingenuity of the geocaching community. Forests and other places where the gadget box won’t be mistaken for a real piece of equipment are great places for gadget caches. Many of these geocaches, while they may seem technologically advanced or difficult to create, were built by people with no prior experience. Thanks to the internet, you can learn simple engineering, programming and even woodworking. We won’t give it away, but when this geocache reveals itself, it’s utterly electrifying.
What geocachers have to say:
“Nice! Love the gadget caches! Had to stop for this one on the way home to Illinois.” – supersteen
“Very nicely done and fun cache!!! TFTC!!!” – tabbikat
“Awesome cache! Well deserving of a favorite point! Thanks for a great cache!” – Mazzy Duck

What one of the geocache hiders, Hockeyhick , has to say:
I have always been a fan of thought-provoking puzzles, and geocaching certainly gives us all a chance to stretch out our brains as well as our legs. Additionally, my wife, Kerry (Cache-n-Kerry) cling to the mantra that a quality cache should either take you somewhere really cool, consist of a really cool puzzle, or a really cool container!

To be truthful, my inspiration for this cache humbly came from my good friend, Mike Sherwood (MSWahoo). He travels a lot for his job, and as a result, shares many tales of cool caches that he has found. He told me of the really cool hides that he found belonging to a cacher named Dayspring. After hearing about some of his caches, I wanted to try to give geocachers in our area some cool caching experiences, too. Having an electronic engineering background, a twisted sense of humor, and a shop full of “toys,” the sparks rally began to fly in the Hockeyhick Labs!

The original cache began as a 4-inch PVC pipe with the electric motor/gearbox inside, but sadly, someone decided that they wanted it more than I. After consulting with the property owner he encouraged me to make one that would be little more permanent than before. The housing is an electrical enclosure mounted to a fence post, with the pipe exiting the bottom, and a more maintenance-free motor doing the work inside. Adding in some limit switches has really helped to keep it running smoothly over time. Over all, it took about a weekend to build, but I tested it a lot, with various weights and conditions because I didn’t want to disappoint folks that come through the Upstate of South Carolina and detour just for this cache.

The results have been well received, and the real pleasure for me, as the cache owner, comes when we get those extremely nice email notifications! Knowing that our cache has brought so many smiles to fellow cachers gives great satisfaction. Also, we have seen that when you think that you have seen it all, someone else raises that bar a little bit higher, and in our area, that is no exception. We have since seen incredible cache ideas as a result, and they make me want to get even more creative!

Huzzah! The geocache!
You’ll have to read the description for this one.

What was the last geocache that made you say “WOW!”? Tell your story and post photos in the comments.
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