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Known as the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland leaves visitors breathless as they explore the volcanic landscapes, magnificent icy glaciers, and epic thundering waterfalls. The powerful mixture of volcanic volatility and spectacular serene views creates memorable moments. Geocachers discover a waterfall off the regular tourist path and a cache that will take them up close with the power of nature at our Geocache of the Week, Behind the Waterfall (GC6MJ8Y).

Image by Álfadrottning.

The waterfalls of Iceland attract millions of visitors from all over the world. While Skógafoss is one of the most well-known waterfalls for tourists, another one very close by grabs the attention of geocachers. The waterfall Kvernufoss has a rocky trail that leads directly behind the falls to a geocache, allowing geocachers the chance to take an awe-inspiring hike to earn their smiley.

Image by TupeJaPete.

The path you must take from the parking area leads you closer and closer to the long stream of water that drops from moss covered rocks above. The constant mist leaves the rocky pathway slippery, especially during the icy winter, so caution is needed in order to duck behind the falls. After searching around in the rocks for a bit and looking at the spoiler picture, you will be able to locate the container and logbook. Make sure to pause so you can soak up the experience of standing amongst the mist from the cascading water and enjoying the unique perspective from behind the waterfall.

Image by  _Briedis_.

The power of nature is on full display at this hidden gem. While the area has become more popular over the years, many geocachers still report having the falls almost entirely to themselves. 

Geocachers the bergmannfamily wrote, “What a perfect place for a cache. Amazing dry area behind the falls. These falls were not listed on any of the sites we looked at before we came to Iceland. Were it not for the caches here we would have overlooked this quiet spectacular place.”

Image by The Who Crew.

Geocacher Sturmauge echoed the sentiment and summed up the special magic of GC6MJ8Y, “A really interesting place. While masses of tourists were walking up the stairs at Skógafoss so that the stairs looked like a conveyor belt, only a few people found their way to this beautiful hidden spot. And as a bonus, Wettergoegae and I could search for a box, too.”

Image by 4zuredrake.

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