The Geocaching® app just got a little more adventurous! We’ve added Adventure Lab® pins to the map in the app for Premium members.

Adventures take you on a contactless, socially-distant scavenger hunt to unlock fun stories, solve puzzles, and explore new places. From a road trip along the stunning Sea-to-Sky Highway in British Columbia, to exploring the Nile River in Egypt, to a short walking tour of the murals in your own town, there’s an Adventure for everyone. Plus, new Adventures are added all the time by Premium members.

Now for Premium members, Adventure Lab® starting locations are on the Geocaching® app map to easily search, filter, and discover your next Adventure right from the app! Basic members can still play Adventures for free with the Adventure Lab® app. Keep reading to learn answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, or discover more about Geocaching Adventure Lab®.

What is the Adventure Lab® app?
Geocaching Adventure Lab® is a new app from Geocaching HQ that allows you to create, play, and share unique outdoor scavenger hunts, experiences, and games. The Adventure Lab® app guides players through the process of finding clues, solving puzzles, and completing Adventures one Location at a time. Simply sign in with your Geocaching username to answer clues at each Location and add to your find count.

You can download the Adventure Lab® app here! The Adventure Lab® app is an emerging product that is still growing and evolving. Regular updates, experiments, and changes will continue as we innovate and refine the app. You can read more about our vision for Adventure Lab® here.

I don’t see any Adventure Lab® pins on my map.
Adventure Lab pins are only visible to Geocaching Premium members on the Geocaching® app. Basic members can still play Adventures from the Adventure Lab® app but they will not see starting location pins on their app geocaching map.

Adventures are represented by their own pin type, so they are easily recognizable on the map. If you are a Premium member, look for this hot air balloon pin:

Please note: iOS users must log out and back in on the latest version of the Geocaching® mobile app to load Adventure pins for the first time.

You can also filter for Adventures in the Geocaching® app by going to Filters → Type → Other → select Adventure Lab. To learn more about filtering for Adventures, see “How do I filter for only Adventure Lab® pins?” below. The Adventure Lab® app is still growing, with new Adventures added all the time. If there are no Adventures near you, be sure to check back for new experiences in your area!

Interested in creating an Adventure? Learn more.

I only see one Location per Adventure Lab on my map. Is this correct?
Yes, only the starting Location of each Adventure is shown on the geocaching map. From the pin, Premium members can automatically jump to the Adventure in the Adventure Lab® app to start playing and/or see the other Locations (if the Adventure is not linear).

How do I filter for only Adventure Lab® pins?
Geocachers can filter for Adventures in the Geocaching® app by going to Filters → Type → Other → select Adventure Lab.

If Filters are in the default position (all selected) or if Filters are reset, Adventure Lab® pins will be displayed on the map.

Please note: If Adventure Lab is solely selected and specific Filters for Size (beside ‘Other’), Difficulty, Terrain, or Wonders of the World have been selected, Adventure Lab® pins will not be returned in the search results.

What happens after I log the Adventure?
Each logged Adventure Location will add to your find count when you are logged in to the Adventure Lab® app with your Geocaching account. A separate Adventure Lab® account is not needed.

The Adventure Lab starting Location pin on the Geocaching map will only change to a smiley face once the entire Adventure has been completed.
If only some of the Adventure Locations are completed, the pin will remain as the hot air balloon.

Do Adventures count toward my statistics?
Yes, as long as you are signed into the Adventure Lab® app with your Geocaching credentials. Adventure Locations are included in the following Premium statistics: caching chronology, cache types, and geocaching milestones.

Adventure Locations do not count towards statistics for container types, difficulty and terrain ratings or grid, home location statistics such as distance to finds, or your map statistics.

Additionally, Adventure Lab finds will not award country souvenirs.

Are Adventures on the map on
Adventures are not available to view on

Can I add Adventures to a List?
At this time, geocachers cannot add Adventures to a List. If Adventure Lab® pins are displayed and “Add all to List” is selected, only the geocaches will be added to your List.

Can I add a Personal cache note to an Adventure?
Adventures cannot be included in Personal cache notes.

Can I add Adventures to a Pocket query?
Adventures are not available to add to Pocket queries.

If I complete an Adventure Lab, will I earn Wonders for Wonders of the World?
No, Adventures do not contain Wonders for the Wonders of the World souvenir challenge.

If I complete an Adventure Lab Location, will I earn points on my leaderboard for The Science of Discovery souvenir challenge?
Yes, completed Adventure Lab Locations will earn 10 points for your leaderboard. Learn more about The Science of Discovery challenge.

If I created an Adventure, does it show up on the map, too?
Yes! Owned Adventures are displayed on your Geocaching® app map with the star map pin, the same way as an owned geocache.

Ready to play?
Download the Adventure Lab® app!

Note: Adventure Lab pins on the Geocaching® app map are a Premium member feature. Learn more.

Still have questions? Visit this forum post.

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