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Geocache of the Week – Kippers in the Jungle (Denmark’s first)

Get your GPS devices ready, because we are travelling back in time to the year 2000. In the heart of the Danish city of Bagsværd lives a picturesque park of green pastures and trails. The western part of that park is home to a wooded area that gives cover to a significant and historic geocache. Geocachers of all ages, we introduce you to our Geocache of the Week and Denmark’s first geocache, Kippers in the Jungle (GC6A).

Image by finalharvest.

GC6A is a traditional cache with a D/T rating of 2/2.5. The original cache hider used to play in these woods when they were young, so it is a perfect blend of nostalgia and childhood wonder. In 2009, the cache was adopted by Team Lysthoej. The cache and the page text have been preserved so that you can feel like you are one of the first to find. Of course, with over 5,000 logs and 1700 Favorite points, you will actually be joining a legacy of over 20 years.

Image by Chilliesser.

This cache can be as quick or as leisurely as you want it to be. You can go directly to the cache, log it, and go along your way or you can take a stroll and enjoy a break from urban life. When you’re out in the field, slow down,relax, breathe. You are a part of history right now. Let that sink in. 

Whether you are a new geocacher or a seasoned cache fiend, GC6A has the right amount of history to make you remember what a wonderful game geocaching is. Through community, dedicated maintenance, and cache adoption, we continue to enjoy the road less traveled by logging finds from the earliest days of geocaching.

Header image by superbone99.

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