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Adventure Lab® Spotlight: The Cache of Light

This Adventure Lab® spotlight takes us to the city of Vejle, Denmark where adventurers must track down clues left by an infamous thief called “The Shadow” and prevent him from stealing a diamond at the city’s art museum. Grab your trench coat and magnifying glass and get ready for some sleuthing as you walk around the city and use your detective skills to complete The Cache of Light Adventure and keep the precious diamond out of the thief’s hands.

The Adventure begins outside of the Vejle Art Museum and leads adventurers through the city, stopping at different interesting sights where the thief has left clues that answer the questions in each stage of the Adventure in the Adventure Lab® app. Stops include a church built in the 13th century which has centuries-old skulls hidden in its walls, the city harbor where a historic schooner boat is docked, and a unique street with a canopy of umbrellas hanging above.

Weaving in a story about a jewel thief is not the only creative element from the Adventure’s creator Susmj. They also incorporated a video element into each stage. Each stage of the Adventure in the app has a very short video linked to it. The videos follow the thief as he walks around Vejle and also give helpful hints for where to find the clues and answers to the questions for each Location.

The Cache of Light Adventure highlights how much fun and creativity Adventure creators can have with the Adventure Lab® app. Within the framework of a walk with five different stops, the Adventure tells a story, illustrates the story with video, takes players on a fun scavenger hunt, and draws attention to some of the most eye-catching places in Vejle. The Adventure’s fun combination of an engaging walking tour with a fictional chase after a jewel thief makes it a rare gem worth searching for.

New Adventures are added all the time. Have you downloaded the Adventure Lab® app and completed one? Share your most memorable Adventures in the comments!

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