Let’s set the scene. You’re walking down a footpath in the grassy dunes of England’s southwestern coast. The wind blows and clouds float across the sky as you arrive at your destination; the stony remains of a sixth century chapel established by an Irish monk. Are you an archeologist heading to a dig? No! You’re an adventurer ready to answer the question for the first Location of the Adventure, In the Footsteps of St Piran.

This Adventure is sure to delight nature lovers and history buffs alike as it winds its way through a beautiful, windswept landscape with stops at fascinating historic artifacts. Two main points of interest are found at the third and fourth Locations of the Adventure, which take adventurers to St Piran’s Old Church and St Pirans Oratory.

First, you are brought to St Piran’s Old Church where you can see what remains of a church built in 1150. The church had to be abandoned and taken apart in 1804 when it was engulfed by nearby sand dunes. Today, visitors can see the shape of the church outlined by the moss-covered remains of the building’s foundation.

The next stop of the Adventure is St Pirans Oratory which, despite being older than the church, has much more to show for. The oratory was built in the sixth century and a walk around it takes visitors back in time as they admire the excavated building’s altar, walls, and archways.

The Adventure is available year-round and should take between one and one and a half hours to complete if you choose to find all the Locations in one go. The creator, auntymajulie, says to be cautious if completing it during the warmer seasons because adders (small snakes) show up in the area.

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Source: Geocaching

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