There’s not a lot that geocaching shares with the world of real estate, but there is one rule that experienced realtors and geocachers both swear by: Location is everything! A great hiding location can elevate a geocache from okay to outstanding and set the cache up to become a local favorite and destination for any visiting cacher. So how do you pick a great place for your cache? Excellent question. Read on for our top tips on how to pick a good hiding location.

1. Pick a location you would like to discover if you were searching for a cache.
This doesn’t mean that every cache location has to show a beautiful scene of nature or present an incredible view (though it’s certainly okay if they do!), but every location should have something about it that sets it apart. Think about caches you’ve given Favorite points to and ask yourself, what was special about the locations of those hides? Maybe it was the excellent camouflage, or it taught you something new about the area, or there was a fun challenge to get to the spot. Take inspiration from your favorite finds and pick a place that sparks excitement.

2. Pick a place for the long-term.
A good geocache should be able to have a long life with many Favorite points and fun Found it logs. Picking the right location is an important part of making sure that happens. Try and pick a place where your geocache is secure and well hidden, and where you can easily access the cache if you need to perform cache maintenance. If a geocache is too exposed, it can be wrecked by a day of bad weather, or it can be mistaken for litter by well-meaning muggles.

3. Pick a place where someone can search without looking too suspicious.
Stealth can be a fun part of geocaching, but no one wants to end up in a situation where people are suspecting them of getting up to no good. When you pick your location, ask yourself whether it might look suspicious if someone was searching for a cache there. For example, if geocachers have to take apart structures and crawl around park benches right by a popular playground, it might be worth picking a different place. This doesn’t mean that bustling areas are a bad idea for the location of your geocache. There are lots of great caches in heavily populated places, but consider the experience of the finder when placing the cache.

4. Follow local land policies and ask for permission.
One of the most important parts of picking a hiding location is making sure that the geocache is allowed to be there. Laws and guidelines for placing geocaches can vary from place to place and some locations require additional steps like obtaining a permit. Check local land policies and reach out to the property owner or land manager before placing the geocache.

If you’ve hidden a geocache before, what are your tips for picking a location? Share in the comments and check back on the blog for more hiding advice coming up during the Year of the Hide.

Source: Geocaching

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