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Hópsnes – Geocache of the Week

by bergtor5
N 63° 50.040 W 022° 25.112

The long search for the legend continues. The mist rolls in billowing waves over the rocky shore. A clanging bell faintly echoes in the distance, but its source is a mystery. You stumble upon what first appears to be a giant creature on the shore, shrouded in mist.

As the fog clears, the rust-colored tinge to the goliath catches your eye, and you realize that you’ve arrived: Hópsnes.

Alas, weary traveler, you traveled a long way and now find yourself adrift in the middle of a ship graveyard; the Geocache of the Week: Hópsnes (GC34QKX) beckons you like a siren call. Do you venture on and explore the mysteries of Hópsnes or retreat like a ship in the night? That is up to you to decide.

Image by kinderarzt.

Your journey starts on the small peninsula of Hópsnes, or Þórkötlustaðanes, tucked away in the Southwest of Iceland. The rocky shore shares a solemn history with those who visit, as the remnants of stranded ships are strewn about. Informational signs can be seen along the road, but most of the history lies in what is unspoken at the site.

A bright orange lighthouse marks the peninsula for any passing travelers. To scope out the scene, you can clamber up to the crow’s nest for a view of Eldey Island. Don’t get too distracted by the sea calling your name, matey, you still have a destination in your sights.

Image by cachebieraten.

Batten down the hatches and follow the instructions given by your captain, CO bergtor5. This Multi-Cache will require your best navigation skills, as you make your way to each informational sign to gather information about the abandoned ships.

The rocky terrain is only the first challenge in your voyage, as you still must compile your gathered information to steer yourself towards the final coordinates. A first mate or fleet of geocaching friends may be beneficial to you here, sailor, especially if you can’t fathom doing a bit of math.

Once this grueling task is complete and you have the final coordinates in hand, it’s time to use your cardinal coordinates, your additional hints, and your sense of adventure to dock at the final location!

Image by dusko.

As you bypass the great mechanical beasts along the shore, your final destination is clear in mind; the unmistakable taste of victory mingles with the seawater and iron in the air.

Heave ho! You nearly go overboard with excitement but manage to keep yourself steady as you uncover your white whale—the elusive geocache. You reveal the small-sized tupperware container as the mist and mystery of this journey begin to fade away. Propelled by a sense of accomplishment, you sign your name with gusto and an assured ‘X’ to mark the spot.

Image by bergtor05.

Not known to be a loose cannon, you replace the container exactly as you found it for the next soul brave enough to attempt this voyage. Weathered and worn, you pay one final homage to the wrecked ships marking the shore and return to the warmth of your vessel. You completed the passage, weary geocacher, and have lived to tell the tale.

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