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We spy with our little eyes something that does not belong. Something that was not originally meant to be there but fits in perfectly.

Do you think you have what it takes to spot this Geocache of the Week? Follow us to Singapore to search for the Hidden Object (GC1E2HY)!

The iconic hilltop landmark, Fort Canning Park, is located in the heart of Singapore. Marked with many of Singapore’s historical moments, nine different pristine gardens host incredible murals throughout the park. The murals line the pathways and depict the heritage of the area and the history of how Singapore came to be. Fort Canning Park is the perfect place to picnic on the lawn, watch a Shakespeare performance, and even find a few geocaches!

Image by Chamma.

A large mural greets you at the High Street entrance to the park. The mural depicts activities of the Malay culture of ancient Singapore, beginning in the 14th century. Approach the carved mural to start the ultimate game of “I Spy.” Take your time; there is a lot of history to examine. You are looking for a micro cache hidden in the mural in plain sight. Do not use brute force for this hunt, just a gentle hand and an observant eye.

Image by seanneys.

Intricate scenes carved into the wall make for thousands of tiny hiding places for the cache to rest. Could it be on the back of the ox? Is it tucked in the center of one of the flowers? Or maybe between the heads of two men working in the fields? Have you checked up high where the clouds and buildings rest? Or inside the Palace on the Forbidden Hill?

Image by niubi.

Double-check your coordinates to narrow in on your search. Even though it’s a difficulty 1/5 on the difficulty scale, this cache can give you a hard time and may take more time than you think. However, if you do need a hint, the cache owner jughead09 left a spoiler image on the cache page to give you some direction on what the container looks like.

Image by blackbp.

Does anything catch your eye? It might not be bright and colorful, but something does stand out as a thing that does not quite belong; it’s the cache! Carefully grab it from its hiding spot and hold it up in victory—you found it!

Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t all require math or puzzles to solve, but they can still leave you scratching your head. Some of the best hiding spots are those in plain sight that requires you to slow down and pay attention to everything around you. Congratulations, you’ve successfully found the ultimate geocaching “I Spy”!

What will you spy next?

Image by samanthalqy.

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