Earlier this year, we reached out to the geocaching community to see if you’ve gotten a bingo on either of these bingo boards:

Despite varying levels of difficulty, so many geocachers got bingo with ease or even had a “blackout” upon completion of the whole board! Aside from the victories shared, we also received a number of great responses that included your favorite memories while geocaching your way to a bingo. Here are some of our favorites:

  • “The first cache I ever found was on a walk next to a river in some downed trees. I had no idea what geocaching even was and it was definitely not mainstream at that time. I saw a half hidden box and was intrigued but cautious. I opened it up and there was a note and a couple cool little things.”
    – Douglas

  • “I still have some work to do.
    Streak of 365 days I will skip but my dream is to visit HQ at least 1 time in my life“
    – Xenor1

  • “5 caches in a day, climbed mountain to geocache, 50 traditional caches, letterbox hybrid found. BINGO!!!
    Also met another cacher while on the trail (charter member in my area), but that wasn’t part of a line.”
    – Zachary

  • “I did find one on a mountain. It was at the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado in the parking lot. A 5/5 was my introduction to this wild, interesting hobby, I honestly don’t know how many large caches I’ve found. Met another cacher while out- we were going to the FTF, (he let me sign first, btw)”
    – Salena

  • “All but one square. Longest streak is 59; longest slump is 251 in 2002-2003, before many geocachers were born.”
    – Sludge_Shoveler

  • “BINGO!!* *Technically I waited more than a year after finding my first, to find my second. I knew I’d get really into this hobby and wanted to finish school first. So officially my initial/longest slump exceeds my longest streak.”
    – Stonagal

  • “Been around a while – card filled”
    – Tim

  • “No. I only have 2 of these but I did only start last August and only have under 400 finds so far. Get back to me in a couple of years. Lol”
    – Shelley

  • “Bingo, I have found geocaches in more than two countries at one day, DE-Lux-NL, three countries at one day and I have a lot of DNF´s. We go caching since 17 years”
    – Stephanie

  • “No problem –
    Done all of the above – just found my 1000th multi yesterday (my latest Milestone)“
    – Mette

  • “Blackout!
    I was going to ask where we collect our prizes, but let’s be honest – the adventure in each of these squares is the real prize!
    Thanks @GoGeocaching for providing us the game that has made so many great memories, adventures, and friends!”
    – LANMonkey

For some, geocaching is about accomplishing the goals they’ve set out for themselves. For others, it’s about being a part of a community with some friendly competition. More than anything, though, geocaching is about the memories made along the way.

Did you get a bingo or double bingo? Share your favorite memories made while filling out your bingo card!

Source: Geocaching

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