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Washington, United States
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Do you hear the faint whistling sound in the wind? Can you feel the hairs raise on the back of your neck? Gather around, geocachers, as we share a story so horrifyingly haunted that it’ll spook your socks off!

Join us around the campfire as we share the legend of our Geocache of the Week, “Casket Cache” (GC3GJ82).

This is the tale of a secret hidden deep in the foggy mountains of Washington state, where only the brave of heart dare to venture. Will you be one of those brave souls?

Image by Nikkchick.

The evening starts like any other. You drive on the back roads on your way home, searching for a geocache to fill your calendar grid. Little did you know that the cache you were about to stumble upon would change your life forever.

As you stagger over the twigs and mulch of the forest with the minimal light available, you start to feel a faint buzz in the air. The wind whistles around you and for a second, you almost think you hear your name being called.

In the dim light, you start to make out a structure that seems almost… unnatural in this type of setting. Twigs and branches intertwine to form an arch—no, a portal—that leads to a clearing in the trees.

Image by Nikkchick.

A quick check of the cache page confirms this is the right spot. Still, there is something that feels a bit off about this location. You shake off your trepidation and come upon what appears to be a shallow grave, with a headstone denoting the word ‘Seputus,’ or ‘buried’ in Latin.

This is the spot.

With your heart pounding in your ears, you begin to uncover the gravesite. The whistle in the wind seems to grow louder and louder until it’s almost a scream; you’re certain you hear your name now, a warning to let buried secrets remain buried, but you are unable to halt your excavation.


As you unearth the hidden container, the wind suddenly stops completely, and the woods grow silent. Your breath catches in your throat as you lift the lid to reveal a makeshift wooden casket. Then, ever so slowly, you reach a hand out to open the vessel and uncover the secrets within.

A gasp of terror escapes your lips as your eyes land upon what is inside. A skeleton, logbook clutched in its hands, lies surrounded by eyeballs that cover the bottom of the casket; it’s a horrifying sight. Still, there is a task that must be done.

Image by Nikkchick.

Without hesitation, you reach inside and claim the logbook from the inhabitant’s bony grasp. Your pen flies across the paper as you are desperate to replace the logbook and take leave of this grim place.

Finally, as you close the lid of the casket and restore the grave to its original order, the sounds of the forest slowly resume. It appears that you narrowly avoided the wrath of this grave dweller, but you still feel goosebumps as you exit through the wooden portal.

The cache has been found, sure, but at what cost?

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