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Creative caches: TB hotels

In this installment of our Creative caches series, we’re exploring the cozy world of Travel Bug® hotels. Commonly called TB hotels, these caches are larger sized creations with plenty of space for a trackable or Travel Bug® to take a quick rest before another geocacher picks it up to continue its journey. Cache owners with a talent for arts and crafts often display their skill in TB hotels with unique themes, decorations, and sometimes even set them up as intricate dioramas. Check out three great examples of these types of caches below and start making plans to create your own trackable retreat.

1. TB hotel VITAJ
GC6TVHP, D 1 /T 1

Image by Juhasci.

This large highly-Favorited Traditional Cache in Czechia opens up to reveal a four-floor TB hotel. The top two floors look like actual hotel rooms, complete with matching wooden furniture, and the bottom two floors have lots of space for dropping off trackables.

2. Aloha TB hotel
GC1G3TR, D 1.5/T 1.5

Image by kzooOtters.

Cachers who find this cache in Washington State will get a kick out of the attention to detail in this tropical-themed TB hotel. The diorama of a tropical hut includes a palm tree, surfboard, and a sign advertising piña coladas for sale for any thirsty Travel Bug®.

3. TB Hôtel d’Austerlitz ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
GC7HK4Z, D 1.5/ T 1.5

Image by kriss___sdre.

After entering a code into a lockbox and retrieving a key, cachers can unlock and open this five-star TB hotel in France.This geocache charms with its neat strings of lights, ample space, and hooks to hang trackables on.

If you’d like to find some of these hotels yourself, or maybe get inspired to create your own, the easiest way to find them is to perform a keyword search using the Premium search filter “Geocache name contains” on the website. Good search terms to use are ‘trackable,’ ‘hotel,’ and ‘TB hotel.’

Source: Geocaching

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