At last, the sailor returns! You sailed the seven seas in 2022 and explored high and low! It’s finally time to tie down your vessel, put your feet up, and feel grounded by the earth below. 

To celebrate the end of the year and the launch of another, Geocaching HQ is releasing two new souvenirs! To help you make the most of the season, we compiled some seafarers’ wisdom to finish your journey strong.

  1. Mark your calendar! 📅

Is there anything worse than getting your dates mixed up? To celebrate your arrival in port, the Drop Anchor 2022 souvenir is available from December 24 through December 31. Then, after a restful time on land, cast off into the new year with Full Sail 2023, available from January 1 through January 8.

  1. Plan an outing! 🧭

There’s no shame in being a planner! Are there any geocaches near you that you’ve had your eye on? Perhaps a cache with an elevated difficulty or terrain rating? Or a newly published cache in your neighborhood?

No matter where you live, plan to find a geocache, attend an Event, or complete an Adventure Lab® Location to earn each souvenir! 

  1. Nudge a friend! 👯

Know a fellow geocacher near you? Use the Message Center to ask about their plans to earn each souvenir! To know which caches are available for everyone, use the “Not found by” Filter within Enhanced Search on to plan the perfect outing! 

  1. Double-check your caches! ✅

After you make a plan to earn each souvenir, consider the state of your caches. Don’t forget; some geocachers may rely on your hide to help them earn the souvenir! If you have a cache that needs some geo-love, now is a great time to perform maintenance.

Are you ready to earn both souvenirs? Share your end-of-year caching plans with us below! 

Source: Geocaching

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