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Emma´s Froschkönig — Geocache of the Week

by Fabs29
Niedersachsen, Germany
N 53° 03.400 E 008° 30.200

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there was a geocache so wonderful and magical that all the geocachers in the land traveled just to catch a glimpse of it. Rumor has it that behind this beautifully-constructed cache container was a secret waiting to be discovered.

Flip through the storybook with us as we tell the tale of our Geocache of the Week, Emma´s Froschkönig (GC52XN4). A tale of adventure, bravery, and love, this geocache is sure to lead you to happily ever after.

Image by olaf911.

Our hero’s journey starts at the entrance to a magical forest. Sunlight glints through the canopy of trees, and birds chirp happily away as we traverse the beautiful woodland. Guided by our storybook of legendary geocaches, we know what to look for, but there is no telling if the fables are true.

As legend has it, a wishing well sits somewhere deep in the reaches of this forest. Placed there by an unknown entity, the well has a mysterious presence and seems to draw travelers (geocachers especially) in. However, the well contains a great secret, as it is guarded by a mysterious creature.

Image by CoolaPL.

Our sense of adventure (and geocaching tools) finally lead us to a clearing where the fabled well sits among the fallen leaves. Smaller than the average well, it’s clear that this one is for purposes other than fetching water. But if that’s the case… what could be inside?

With some trepidation, our hero crouches next to the well and begins slowly turning the attached handle. Ever so slowly, something breaks the surface of the inky shadows within. Not a pail of water, not a fearsome dragon, no—what could it be? With the last crank of the handle, it becomes clear: it’s the geocache!

Image by @oet_pekel.gc on Instagram.

Sitting atop the geocache container is none other than the frog prince from the legend. Congratulations! We’ve proved the fabled tale true and freed the frog prince. Some brave travelers may give the slimy prince a kiss to turn him back into his true form, but most are content with signing the logbook.

Image by wonne23.

We can now finally close our storybook (and the cache’s logbook) as our story comes to an end. Through perilous travels in a mysterious forest, unwavering bravery as we sought the treasures of the well, and unrelenting love for the game of geocaching, our grand adventure truly is one for the storybooks.

With the cache found and logged and our heroic frog prince freed, we can finally move on to happily ever after (or the next cache!).

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