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Many geocaches hold a special place in our hearts, but there are only a select few that we can truly call “a-maze-ing!”

Some cache owners create a memorable experience that take us on an incredible journey, while others engage us through the art of storytelling. Yet there is a special subset of cache owners who dedicate their time to create intricate, well-thought-out field puzzles. This one is for them.

Follow us through the twists and turns of the adventure that is our Geocache of the Week: Draaien maar…. (TB Hotel)!

Image by gc_debeagles on Instagram.

You might have seen Draaien maar…. (TB Hotel)—translated to “Turn it… (TB Hotel)”—featured on the official geocaching social media channels. With 356 Favorite points awarded since August 2020, there is no question that GC8YJEH is a fan favorite!

This head-turner of a cache is found just outside of Amsterdam, on the property of a quaint bed and breakfast. Locating it is easy, as the large contraption stands out among the cluster of trees surrounding it. Once you find the container and unlock the doors guarding the maze inside, you can begin to solve the renowned puzzle.

Image by Poekie76.

Though spinning the wheel like a game show contestant may seem easy enough, a bit more strategy is needed to retrieve the geocache. ‘Contestants’ listen carefully as they spin the wheel, paying close attention to where the coveted bison container is within the puzzle.

Finally, after so much spinning that you begin to feel dizzy, the bison tube arrives at the exit of the elaborate maze! You can claim your victory over this labyrinthine cache by adding your username to the ever-growing logbook.

Image by GC Rogier.

Before you leave, don’t forget to check out the trackable hotel portion of this cache (it is in the name, after all) and trade any trackables that have accompanied you on this journey.

As you recount your experience in your online log, be sure to acknowledge the hard work that the cache owner put into the construction of this elaborate maze. Caches like this don’t just pop up every day; only their passion and continued maintenance keep Favorite point-worthy caches like this alive!

Image by AnnabelenTim.

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