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Sometimes it’s a unique container that makes a great geocache. Others, it’s a magical location. This time, it’s both! Our Geocache of the Week (GC1TRVM) brings us to Gunung Kawi Temple in the verdant jungle of Bali, Indonesia. Join us for a grand adventure!

Image by runMINIrun.

Gunung Kawi Temple is an 11th-century funerary complex located in the heart of Bali. Your journey here is sure to be memorable as the overgrown vegetation, stunning mountain views, and fascinating architecture make for a one-of-a-kind experience. But just as impressive is the geocache you’re about to find! Placed in 2009 by richlink, GC1TRVM has since garnered nearly 700 “Found it” logs and 50 Favorite points.

Image by The Tollies.

The cache is outside the temple’s walls; it’s at the top of the stone stairway before the entrance. This doesn’t mean your find will be boring, though! The posted coordinates lead you to a bustling part of town where tourists and street vendors span as far as the eye can see. This means you’ll need to use some serious stealth to avoid unwanted attention from non-geocachers.

Once there’s a lull in foot traffic, it’s time to go in for the find. Use your best geo-senses and look for the beautifully-crafted cache container pictured below. Aha—there it is! With the cache in hand, take a moment to appreciate its intricate design; obviously, a lot of love was put into this hide.

Image by runMINIrun.

After signing the logbook and replacing the cache as found, it’s recommended to check out the actual temple (but not necessary). There’s only a small entry fee associated, and it would make your experience all the more complete. But with an epic cache like GC1TRVM under your belt, there’s already a lot to look back on and cherish!

Image by Cached.

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