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Budapest, Hungary
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Many geocaches will take you on an incredible journey. Some journeys are an adventure in and of themselves, but some take you on a historical adventure as well!

Join us in learning about the history of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences with our Geocache of the Week, GC1RX4Y.

Image by Koda_2018.

Located in the heart of Budapest, GC1RX4Y takes players past the many historic and picturesque sites of the city.

The locations laid out on the geocache page unfurl themselves before geocachers’ eyes as they head to the posted coordinates. Following the information and their GPS, players will find themselves at the Inner City, the historic old town of Budapest.

Image by flowo1985.

Passing the famed lions of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge and arriving in Széchenyi István square, geocachers will first notice a monumental statue of Count István Szécheny himself.

Surrounding the statue are four figures representing industry, trade, navigation, and agriculture. Though all are crucial to your understanding of the history of this region, only one guards the geocache you seek.

Image by LnD1221.

You begin your search under the watchful eye of the geocache’s guardians, armed with only the history on the cache page and a hint. Designed to blend into its surroundings, finding this cache is no easy feat.

Thankfully, the popular location of this geocache means that many came before you and can provide guidance in the form of logs. Soon enough, you have the cache in hand, as the Poseidon-like figure watches approvingly above.

Image by marindabotha.

You did it! With your username now in the logbook, you add yourself to the history of this long-standing geocache.

You can now replace the devious cache as found and take a moment to sit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the square and the Inner City of Budapest. Though this piece of history may not be as grand as a monument or museum, it reflects the here and now, and you can now say confidently that you are a part of that.

Image by Premiumek.

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