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Geocache of the Week Flashback Edition: A Crappy Cache

Michigan, United States
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Some geocaches are atop high mountain vistas or tucked away on postcard-worthy beaches. Other geocaches reside in bustling urban hubs, highlighting notable features. These awe-inducing geocaches inspire us, challenge us, and maybe even tempt us to travel around the world just to visit them.

And then there are those other geocaches. These less-than-majestic caches may not captivate our awe but bring joy, smiles, and just a sprinkle of potty humor to our geo-hearts.

Image by Kat-as-trophy.

A Crappy Cache (GC35T4T) is a loving ode to the latter. This cache draws in visitors worldwide and earned 411 favorite points since 2011! Users can’t get enough of this outhouse-themed cache and come from near and far to pay their respects and indulge in a bit of humor. Many geocachers wait for a big milestone to drop their log or even make a return visit — and drag along friends and family to join in the fun.

But what makes a good cache stand out and become a great cache? Certainly, a little low-brow humor helps. But the magic behind this cache comes from its clever design, dedication to the theme, and ability to bring some good-natured humor and fun to the game.

Image by Pixistix13.

“We made this to give back to fellow Geocachers as we all know it is fun to find an interesting cache,” says cache owner TEAM GEOCHEF.

Interesting is an understatement! This isn’t just any old outhouse. This pretty privy features a two-seat toilet. In ‘loo’ of your typical commode, one bowl is for Travel Bugs® and the other for SWAG. As you sign the log, enjoy first-class service from your very own bathroom attendant (and a very good boy). The owners are also known to come out and chat with visitors.

Image by BFredericks88.

Bathroom humor isn’t our favorite humor, but it sure is number two! So, if you’re feeling down in the dumps, make sure to take the plunge and make a visit. Just don’t forget to add your Favorite point to the pile!

What Players are Saying:

“This is a load of crap. 💩💩💩😂😂😂 Actually this was quite AMAZING! True dedication to this hobby! We loved it and got some great pics! Grabbed a TB we’ll move along too! Thanks for an amazing stop! Worthy of every favorite point!! ♥

“This makes me feel like a kid again. Thank you very much for keeping it fun.”

“WHAT AN AMAZING CACHE! This was the highlight of our day and meeting the CO was the icing on the cake! (although I wouldn’t eat it in there…)”
da Bush Man

Image by MadameV.

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