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Cache owner perspectives with Karlusia

Karlusia is an experienced geocacher from Warsaw, Poland. With nearly 125 geocaches placed in the last ten years, Karlusia has a lot of experience hiding geocaches throughout her community. These days, you’ll find her traveling the world and documenting all her geocaching finds through her social media and blog.

Learn about this prolific cacher, including her geocaching origin story, some of her favorite cache hides, travel documentation tips, and more:

Geocaching HQ: What’s your background outside of geocaching?
Hello, my name is Monika Karlińska. I am a financial analyst in the financial department in Warsaw, Poland. But now, I am a traveler worldwide, traveling for four years in Asia, Australia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Europe. I am also a travel blogger and, some months ago, wrote a book about my traveling. You can find me on social media as – Geo (geocaching) Crazy (about traveling) Girl – GeoCrazyGirl

Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia

Geocaching HQ: How and when did you hear about geocaching?
I heard about geocaching from one of my younger friends. It was nine years ago. After this, I liked the idea and started enjoying geocaching every day. At first, I was alone, and then after, I was with my friends in my city and then around the world.

Geocaching HQ: Which cache got you hooked?
I always enjoy every cache I find, but I love caches connected with some adventure, like hiking to big mountains, caves, or big boxes that you can even go inside.

Geocaching HQ: What keeps you engaged with the game?
I love traveling and meeting new people, so geocaching connects with my passion. Geocaching is one of the best motivators to actively explore new places, monuments, and interesting stories of every city and get to know people. You are never bored with caches because you can find many good spots. Even if you know your city well, the caches describe a story you have never heard before, leading you to places you have never been. It is an excellent time for younger and older people. I love geocaching!

At Geocaching Party 2019 – Warszawskie Legendy.

Geocaching HQ: For you, what makes a quality cache/what’s the best approach to creating a geocache?
A good cache is, of course, made of suitable materials and hidden in a very thoughtful way. Some caches are hidden in the view, but you can’t see them. This is the perfect cache 🙂
The best approach to creating a good cache is the head of full ideas that create something special from nothing.

Geocaching HQ: Do you have a favorite hide of your active caches?
My favorite caches are my Letterbox Hybrid hidden in the library Cała Polska czyta dzieciom – Letterbox (GC76JRJ), and my Virtual Cache I ❤ Warsaw – Warszawska Syrenka 🧜‍♀️(GC891Z0) that shows the most characteristic spot in Warsaw – the Warsaw mermaid—the most lovely place in the capital city of Poland.

Geocaching in Iceland.

Geocaching HQ: What advice would you give someone who wants to start posting their geocaching adventures on social media?
Take some good photos of geocaching spots, and publish them on social media with some stories about how you found the geocache. Maybe people from all over the world will follow your next geocaching adventures. I am a travel blogger and publish my travel adventures on my Instagram and Facebook. You can find many attractions, hidden places, and tips about traveling there. You can follow me to get good advice about traveling.

Geocaching HQ: Have you ever had an idea you thought impossible?
Yes, I used to consider some fools crazy stories like on abandoned bridges or in tunnels where you need to crawl 20 meters to find a wonderful box. It always is a good adventure, and there are many stories with this kind of cache.

Karlusia finds a geocache in a miniature well in the forest.

Geocaching HQ: What is your favorite cache(s) you’ve found?
I have found almost 10,000 caches and don’t have only one. Everyone is special. You can see my favorite geocaches on my blog about traveling and geocaching.

Geocaching would not be the same without cache hiders and their passion and creativity for the game. Please share your favorite cache hider with us and tell us how they go above and beyond on their cache hides and why they are incredible.

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