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Gorgons Schatz oder So’n Ding …—Geocache of the Week

by Gorgon17112003
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
N 54° 04.782 E 012° 15.581

To some, geocaching is an adventure straight out of a fairytale: a hero overcoming obstacles and defeating all odds to reach victory.

While we may not be saving any damsels in distress over here, we do occasionally come up against a “guardian” of a geocache. Join us as we meet a new friend and maybe just convince him to let us sign the log with our Geocache of the Week, Gorgons Schatz oder So’n Ding … (in English, “Gorgons treasure, or something like that…”) (GC75DP8).

Adventurers begin their journey in the farmlands outside of the Billenhäger Forest. Though seemingly picturesque and unassuming, there is a force hidden in these forests that will soon awaken…

Be sure to bring along your geo-pup for extra protection and guidance, as it’ll be necessary for this adventure.

Image by xedion.

Follow the path provided by your GPS until you reach GZ. The cache foretells a great fortune at this location belonging to Kleine Gorgon, a local mythical creature who is apparently fond of treasure. According to the cache owner, Gorgon17112003, another being by the name of “Papa Gorgon” serves as a protector of this hoard.

Contemplating who this mysterious guardian could be, follow the directions on the cache page. The description points to a large insect hotel on the edge of the parking area; as directed, gently pull on a knob on one side of the structure. Suddenly, something clicks, and the structure rumbles as if coming to life. Holding your breath, you rotate a portion of the insect hotel and discover…


Of all the things you were expecting to find while geocaching today, this was not one of them!

Hidden behind the structure’s facade, the guardian of the geocache awakens from its slumber. As you rotate the compartment, a stone gargoyle resembling a dragon comes into view, inches from your face. This must be Papa Gorgon.

After an initial shock, relief washes over you upon noticing a chain around Papa Gorgon’s legs. Obviously, his primary purpose is to protect the treasure; he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Image by Ellyfain.

When it becomes clear that your intentions are pure (and that you don’t intend to make off with all of Kleine Gorgon’s riches), Papa Gorgon almost seems… friendly?

Hanging on the wall behind him is a bounty of prizes in the form of trackables and trinkets. This gargoyle is well aware of geocaching etiquette and will permit you to take a SWAG item as long as you replace it with an item of equal or greater value. However, you’re more focused on a different treasure…

Taking Papa Gorgon’s stone smile as permission, seize this opportunity to find the logbook and add your name to the list of adventurers who have made this journey before you. The friendly guardian looks on approvingly. With this complete, you’ve officially “cemented” your conquest over this geocache!

Image by runningels.

The sun is now setting, and the sky is ablaze in the distance. This backdrop feels fitting as you say goodbye to your new fire-breathing companion. As you ride off into the sunset with the victory of your latest geocache find, you can’t help but smile.

You may not have conquered the guardian of Gorgon’s treasure, but you came away with something much better: a friend.

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