TraditionalGC46 by wainuiomata

Difficulty: 1
Terrain: 1
Location: North Island, New ZealandS 41° 16.233′ E 174° 59.140′

Just relax. Sail through time… back to yesteryear.

Reisen Sie mit uns zurück in die Zeit im Mai 2000, als unser Geocache der Woche platziert wurde, Geocache von Kevin Anderson (Wellington), GC46 .

This week, we’re highlighting New Zealand’s oldest active geocache! This historic geocache rests at the south end of the North Island, just outside of Wellington.

Geocachers make their way to Wainuiomata Regional Park to begin the search for the geocache. Parking should be relatively easy on the main road through the park; however, walking to GZ will take some time.

Image by jtcoffee.

The winding path trails through luscious greenery, between shrubs of all kinds and under impressively large trees. Sounds of the nearby river rush by, and the noise grows louder as a footbridge comes into sight. While crossing the bridge, take time to enjoy the scenery and all this area offers.

Be careful for any Kiwi (birds) nesting in their burrows nearby; this area is a perfect sanctuary for them. Once the navigation narrows within 30 feet (9.1 m), it’s time to head into the brush and find the cache!

Image by schmerzbefreit.

According to the cache page, the geocache is a white bucket. While it would be fantastic if the container were still the same almost 24 years later, it is not. The container was updated somewhere in the last couple of years, but it is still the same size and has a similar design. Nestled up against the trees is the glorious geocache, full of history, SWAG, and maybe even some trackables.

Image by Cheesebread.

Dieser Geocache hat viel überstanden, er hatte über 1.500 Besucher und mehr als 500 Lieblingspunkte. Dieser historische Geocache ist einer von nur 112 im Jahr 2000 platzierten Geocaches, die heute noch aktiv sind! Geocacher aus der ganzen Welt suchen diesen Geocache auf, um ihnen beim Ausfüllen ihres Jasmer-Kalenders zu helfen . Haben Sie Geocaches gefunden, die im Jahr 2000 platziert wurden?

Image by Love.

Before returning to the car, take in this monumental moment. Whether this was your first geocache, 4,000th, 24,000th, or the final calendar square for your Jasmer, it’s one to remember. You might even want to take a selfie; many geocachers do!

Image by Smartie Top.
Image by Cuxine.
Image by Cuxine.
Image by smithcox.
Image by gearguru.

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