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September 2016

Intersect 2.0 — Geocache of the Week

29. September 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Multi-Cache GC548HP by family Behrens Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Western Cape, South Africa S 34° 11.630 E 018° 26.196 the perfect cache? A multi-cache that leads you to a semi-secret spot in an old library rife with history, at which the first stage is an adorably disguised puzzle and the final is a hand-crafted tech-themed gadget cache with storage for as many trackable as one could ever need and a low chance of being muggled. Sound unreal? It's very real. In fact, it's Geocache of the Week! Near stage 1 of Intersect 2.0Located inside a library in a city outside of Cape Town, South Africa, “Intersect 2.0” is the epitome of a fun gadget multi-cache. The geocache was crafted by family Behrens and blends history with technology. Just as the Cache Owner was inspired to design this cache by another he'd previously found, finders of GC548HP are likely to come away with the itch to build their own super-cool gadget cache. Stage 1 Visitors to the brick-walled reading garden of the Simon's Town Library will find a quiet and picturesque place to read in solitude—or so they think. Tucked discretely in a corner of the garden is a gnome pulling a cart full of pebbles…also known as stage one. The geocacher who spots the gnome will discover within a few seconds that his cart bears a load much more exciting than stones. A gnome wearily bears the burden of stage 1Contained within the cart are all the tools the geocacher will need to discover the code for stage two of the cache…but it won't be easy. Inside the lock-n-lock is a block containing a series of wires. Touching the correct two wires together turns on a light on the block, indicating the correct code for stage two. Geocachers beware! Touching the wrong two wires together more than six times will lead to significant frustration. The contents of the gnome's cartStage 2 (Final) The final is inside of the Simon's Town Library with permission from the library. The top drawer of the cupboard (which, by the way, was built by the cache owner by hand) can be unlocked using the code from Stage 1. Inside is a working laptop with a set of detailed instructions explaining what the geocacher needs to do in order to unlock the code for the next drawer. The final puzzle of Intersect 2.0Finally, the second drawer can be opened and its contents revealed. In addition to a shelf dedicated to swag and special hangers for trackables, there's a second laptop. But, mysteriously, no logbook yet. The cacher will need to do a bit of exploring to find the logbook itself. The final – completely openAs far as maintaining this cache goes, the Cache Owner says that's the easy part: “The only maintenance I have done is to replace the batteries in the cache. […] The fact that the cache is placed in a secure location and well locked up helps. I think as far as maintenance goes this one has been my easiest cache to maintain.” At 43 favorite points, this cache has a 100% favorite point ratio—in other words, every Premium member who has visited this cache has awarded it a favorite point! Words from the Cache Owner: I would like to say a big thank you to the geocaching community for making our life full of smiles. Since we started geocaching life has become fun and as a family we love caching and getting out there finding caches and new experiences, that without geocaching we would not have done. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Don’t miss this FTF!

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In the geocaching world, adding an FTF badge to your Geocaching profile is a rite of passage. It is an honor earned through hard work and constant vigilance. Good news, wannabe FTF'ers! From October 10–16, you'll finally have a chance to snag the FTF you always dreamed of. Well, sort of. Will you “Friend to Find”? Geocaching is better with friends. From October 10–16, you may not be the first to find* a new geocache, but you will have the excuse you've been waiting for to take your “muggle” friends caching. All participants will receive a prestigious Friend to Find (FTF) badge to add to their Geocaching profile. Winning photos will be featured on the Geocaching Blog. How to participate: Tell your non-geocacher friends to sign up for a Geocaching account. Between October 10 and October 16, 2016, take these friends to find their first geocache Photograph your adventure together. Submit your photo and geocache log no later than Monday, October 17 at 11:59pm PST. We'll add the submission form to this blog post post on October 10. Your friends can try Geocaching Premium, free for 30 days. From October 10–16, your newbie friends can explore the game at its finest with Geocaching Premium. More information on this limited-time free trial will be available on the Geocaching Blog and in the Geocaching® app during the promotion. *But by all means, please do go get a First to Find (FTF) on a geocache anyway. You can do it! [...]

Verpasse diesen FTF nicht!

27. September 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Sei bereit für die “Friend to Find” (FTF) Woche! Geocaching ist besser mit Freunden. Vom 10.-16. Oktober wirst Du vielleicht nicht der Erste* sein, der einen neuen Geocache findet, aber Du hast eine willkommene Entschuldigung, Deine “Muggel” Freunde zu Deinem nächsten Geocaching-Abenteuer mitzunehmen. Alle Teilnehmer erhalten ein repräsentatives “Friend to Find” (FTF) Abzeichen für ihr Geocaching Profil. Die Gewinnerfotos werden im Geocaching Blog gezeigt. Wie Du teilnehmen kannst: Sage Deinen Nicht-Geocacher Freunden, dass sie sich ein Geocaching Benutzerkonto erstellen sollen. Nimm diese Freunde zwischen dem 10. und 16 Oktober 2016 mit zu ihrem ersten Geocache. Fotografiere Euer gemeinsames Abenteuer. Übermittle dieses Formular, mit Deinem Foto und dem Geocache-Log, bis spätestens Montag, den 17. Oktober um 23:59 Uhr PST. * Natürlich kannst du das mit einem FTF (First to Find) kombinieren – du kannst das schaffen! [...]

¡No te pierdas el FTF!

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¡Prepárate para la Semana “Encuentra un amigo” (Friend To Find-FTF)! El geocaching es mejor con amigos. Entre el 10 y 16 de Octubre, puedes no ser el first to find* en un nuevo geocaché, pero tendrás la excusa de que has estado esperando para traer a a tus amigos “muggles“ a cachear. Todos los participantes recibirán una prestigiosa insignia Friend to Find (FTF) para añadir a su perfil de Geocaching. Las fotos ganadoras se presentarán en al Blog de Geocaching. Como participar: Di a tus amigos no geocachers que abran una cuenta de Geocaching. Entre el 10 y 16 de Octubre, lleva a esos amigos a encontrar su primer geocaché. Fotografía vuestra aventura juntos. Envía este formulario con tu foto y tu registro del geocaché no mas tarde del lunes, 17 de Octubre a 11:59pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). Tus amigos pueden probar una cuenta Premium, gratis. Entre el 10 y el 16 de Octubre, tus amigos noveles podrán explorar el juego al máximo con Geocaching Premium. Más información acerca de esta prueba gratuita por tiempo limitado en el Blog de Geocaching y en la app de Geocaching® durante la promoción. * De todos modos, haz un First to Find (FTF) en un geocaché. ¡Puedes conseguirlo! [...]

Trails map type now in Geocaching® app

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Some of the best geocaches are found off the beaten path. Like this one… On the path to Table Mountain (GCN5VD). Photo by Love.…and this one…. In the Valley of Fire State Park (GC3AQRC). Photo by Love.…and definitely this one. Summiting Mt. Rainier (GCPZBX). Photo by Love.With our latest Geocaching® app update, we added the Trails map type to help you find these hard-to-reach geocaches and to find the caches hidden right in your neighborhood park. This feature uses open-source maps to show trails in cities, parks, and wild spaces. Here's a peek inside the app: Select your preferred map type. Navigate to a geocache using Trails. Get the app. Do you have tips for finding geocaches in rugged terrain? Tell us in the comments below! [...]

L’aiguille du midi—Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC1Y014 by Vilcanota Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 2 Location: Rhône-Alpes, France N 45° 52.759 E 006° 53.212 Afraid of heights? Then this week's Geocache of the Week might give you the chills! To find L'aiguille du midi, you must first visit Chamonix, an adventurer seeker's heaven! Steep peaks and endless views in the heart of The Alps draw visitors from all over the world to experience this awe-inspiring town and scenery. At 3,842m (12,605 ft), the Aiguille du Midi and it's laid-out terraces offer a 360° view of all the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps. A 20-minute ride in the Aiguille du Midi cable car will deliver you to the summit terrace where you will have a clear view of Mont Blanc. Once you take the cable car to the top, take your time looking for the geocache and be discreet as there may be lots of visitors around. Once you sign the log, take in the panoramic views and walk through an impressive ice cave. You can also walk onto a glass skywalk called “Step into the Void” with a view 1035 meters (3,396 ft) straight down. Yikes! Due to the exposed nature of L'aiguille du midi, make sure to bring some warm clothing since it can be -10°C (14°F) in the middle of summer. For those who are feeling even more adventurous, there is an option to strap on crampons (those spiky things you attach to your boot to ascend ice) and climb to the top of Mt. Blanc. In the snowier months, some people also ski down the steep slopes of the Aiguille du Midi. Mountaineers and skiers are able to pass through a tunnel to reach the steep and extremely exposed ice ridge that descends to the glacier below. This activity is only recommended for very experienced climbers and skiers. Although the scenery may mislead you to think that the cache is a T5, the platforms in place allow for a rating of T2. Thanks to cache owner, Vilcanota, for creating such a fun and thrill-inspiring geocache! Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

GIFF ! Et les gagnants sont…

20. September 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Préparez quelques popcorns et regardez du géocaching sur le grand écran Finalement, les finalistes du Festival International du Film de Géocaching 2016 ont été choisis ! Ces films se sont distingués des autres de par leur créativité, leur qualité de production, et leur contribution à la communauté mondiale des géocacheurs. Offrez un tonnerre d'applaudissements aux films et réalisateurs suivants : 5 Lesser-Known Souvenirs | Skimbosh A Cacher's Worst Nightmare | gasgoose A Life of a ‘Change' | cth-ulhu & DidaAnastasi Do you know GEOCACHING? | moramora1 Geocaching, Orchestrated | Stingrayabbray Geo-Medics! | 4 boys explore It's not about the numbers | Lifechooser No Hints | DFurt NYC Caching: Muggle Madness! | LinedUpLikeLemmings Spitting the Dummy | Seemyshell That's Not Trash | DNF Hound The DNF Squad | TheWanglers The FTF-Hunter | treasurehuntergd Traditional's Experiences | NaxoMenX Trinket or Treasure? | cache4kings When I Geocache | MohnschnitteFortunen Participez à un event GIIF entre le 3 et le 7 novembre 2016 pour voir chacun des 16 films et obtenir le souvenir GIFF 2016. Vous souhaitez organiser votre propre event GIFF ? Visitez cette page pour en apprendre plus. Vous cherchez des géocoins GIFF et d'autres objets dédiés ? Visitez la boutique Geocaching ou d'autres revendeurs internationaux. [...]

GIFF: Y los ganadores son…

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Prepara unas palomitas y disfruta del geocaching en pantalla grande ¡Por fin han sido escogidos los finalistas del Geocaching International Film Festival de 2016!. Estas películas destacan del resto por su creatividad, calidad de produccíon y contribución a la comunidad mundial del geocaching. Demos un caluroso aplauso a las siguientes películas y directores: 5 Lesser-Known Souvenirs | Skimbosh A Cacher's Worst Nightmare | gasgoose A Life of a ‘Change' | cth-ulhu & DidaAnastasi Do you know GEOCACHING? | moramora1 Geocaching, Orchestrated | Stingrayabbray Geo-Medics! | 4 boys explore It's not about the numbers | Lifechooser No Hints | DFurt NYC Caching: Muggle Madness! | LinedUpLikeLemmings Spitting the Dummy | Seemyshell That's Not Trash | DNF Hound The DNF Squad | TheWanglers The FTF-Hunter | treasurehuntergd Traditional's Experiences | NaxoMenX Trinket or Treasure? | cache4kings When I Geocache | MohnschnitteFortunen Participa en un evento GIFF entre el 3 y el 7 de Noviembre de 2016 para ver las 16 películas y obtener el souvenir del GIFF 2016. ¿Quieres organizar tu propio evento GIFF?. Visita esta página para obtener más información. ¿Estás buscando geocoins y otro material del GIFF? Visita la Tienda de Geocaching o los vendedores internacionales. [...]

GIFF: Und die Gewinner sind…

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Mache etwas Popcorn und schaue Geocaching auf der Kinoleinwand! Endlich wurden die Finalisten des Internationalen Geocaching-Filmfestivals 2016 ausgewählt. Diese Filme stachen mit ihrer Kreativität und Produktionsqualität aus den Einsendungen hervor und sind großartige Beiträge für die Geocaching-Community. Lasst uns den folgenden Filmen und Filmemachern einen großen Applaus spenden: 5 Lesser-Known Souvenirs | Skimbosh A Cacher's Worst Nightmare | gasgoose A Life of a ‘Change' | cth-ulhu & DidaAnastasi Do you know GEOCACHING? | moramora1 Geocaching, Orchestrated | Stingrayabbray Geo-Medics! | 4 boys explore It's not about the numbers | Lifechooser No Hints | DFurt NYC Caching: Muggle Madness! | LinedUpLikeLemmings Spitting the Dummy | Seemyshell That's Not Trash | DNF Hound The DNF Squad | TheWanglers The FTF-Hunter | treasurehuntergd Traditional's Experiences | NaxoMenX Trinket or Treasure? | cache4kings When I Geocache | MohnschnitteFortunen Nimm vom 3. bis zum 7. November 2016 an einem GIFF-Event teil, um alle 16 Filme zu sehen und das GIFF 2016-Souvenir zu erhalten. Du möchtest ein eigenes GIFF-Event organisieren? Besuche diese Seite, um mehr zu erfahren. Experten-Tipp: GIFF-Geocoins und weitere Film-Tauschgegenstände sind ab sofort im Geocaching-Shop oder bei internationalen Händlern erhältlich. [...]

Get to know Your EarthCache reviewers

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This year's International EarthCache Day is on October 9th, and Geocaching HQ is excited to partner up again with the Geological Society of America to offer a souvenir for finding an EarthCache on that date. EarthCaches provide an opportunity to learn a geological lesson and visit awe-inspiring geological locations. Visitors can see how our planet has been shaped by geological processes, how we manage its resources and how scientists gather evidence. Typically, to log an EarthCache, you will have to provide answers to questions by observing the geological location. Thankfully, there is a group of dedicated EarthCache Reviewers who help facilitate this program so that geocachers can enjoy EarthCaches all over the world. Instead of reading a lesson in a book, they see and learn about geological features with their own eyes. Who are EarthCache Reviewers? They are community volunteers with scientific backgrounds that work with EarthCache cache owners to develop the best submissions possible. Learn about their story and what they love so much about EarthCaches. GeoawareCA, Sandra Sandra has been an EarthCache Reviewer since 2009, making her the longest standing active EarthCache Reviewer. GeoawareCA has a degree in Environmental Science with a focus on physical geography. Mélange at Lobster Head Cove in Gros Morne National Park (GC5B7G0)What is your favorite EarthCache? If I had to pick one as my favorite, I'd have to say Pu'u'ula'ula (Red Hill) Haleakala Volcano Summit (GC18Z99) in Hawaii for its stunning beauty. Tell us one cool fact we may not know about the Earth. Contrary to what you may have been taught in school, diamonds do not form from coal. In fact, most diamonds that have been dated are much older than plant life on earth (the source of coal). Any cool stories to share? We recently travelled to Iceland and found many incredible EarthCaches there. We climbed to the top of the Eldfell volcano which last erupted in 1973 and warmed our hands by the heat rising out of the fumaroles (GC2EVVH); we visited a couple of locations where you could walk between the continental plates for Europe and North America (GC1Z45X and GC2DK2E); we visited geysir from which the English word geyser is derived (GC1G4XZ); we saw caves carved into columnar basalt and walked along a black sand beach (GC514W0); we swam in geothermally heated pools (GC25643); and we saw many beautiful waterfalls including one we could walk behind (GC2B1TJ). Truly a dream vacation for anyone interested in geology. Eldfell—GC2EVVH Stuðla­berg Hellar (Basalt Caves) —GC514W0 Pu'u'ula'ula (Red Hill) Haleakala Volcano Summit—GC18Z99 Þingvellir - The Mid-Atlantic Ridge—GC1Z45X Bláa lónið - Blue lagoon - Blaue Lagune —GC25643 Seljalandsfoss—GC2B1TJ Geysir - powerful hot spring—GC1G4XZ GeoAwareNordic3, Mats Mats is a naturally curious Swede that has been hooked on EarthCaches since the first one he found. His interest in science and especially earth science make him an awesome EarthCache Reviewer with the most logged EarthCaches in Sweden! Mats at Midlina, GC2DK2EWhat is your favorite EarthCache? MIDLINA — GC2DK2E, an amazing place to see and get the grasp of. The Greatest Little Mine in the World—GC1W9TC, an old mine in Sweden where at least 8 of the chemical elements were discovered. Der Alte Schwede—GC1M15Z, an early EC:s for us, a big stone from Sweden. Dinosaurier-Spuren Barkhausen —GC18P1C, imagine, dinosaur track! West Sulphur Mountain Oil Spring—GC1A5E2, a natural oil-river. Tell us one cool fact we may not know about the Earth. Earth has an equatorial bulge at 42km. This means when standing on the equator at sea level you are 21km higher than when standing on either pole. As a result of this, the summit of Chimborazo, a mountain in Ecuador, is the place where you are closest to space, still standing on Earth! This is also the point on earth farthest away from the Earth's core. Any cool stories to share? My brother and I used to take EarthCache weekends once or twice a year when we drove around Sweden and logged as many EarthCaches as we could. 30+ EarthCaches is our record for a weekend. Der Alte Schwede—GC1M15Z West Sulphur Mountain Oil Spring—GC1A5E2 Dinosaurier-Spuren Barkhausen—GC18P1C The Greatest Little Mine in the World—GC1W9TC GeoawareUSA4, Mike Mike is an Alaskan with a degree in Chemical Engineering and strong interest in geology and earth science.He still vividly remembers walking backwards in time more than one billion years during his first hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon when he was 10 years old. In 2010, he joined the Community Volunteer team as the Reviewer for Alaska and now as an EarthCache Reviewer. Mike in actionWhat is your favorite EarthCache? Having completed nearly 300 EarthCaches, it is difficult to pin down a single favorite. However, some highlights include “Umpire Rock,” GC1G4W0, where an urban EarthCache teaches a glaciology lesson in New York City's Central Park, “Cabo da Roca – DP/EC33,” GC1HGAY, and many other EarthCaches along Portugal's west coast developed by danieloliveira, which brought the local landscape alive for me during a tour with the EarthCache developer himself, and “Ape Cave,” GCZ8ZQ, which took me about a mile through a lava tube on the flank of Mount St. Helens. Yellowstone National Park has several dozen EarthCaches of which I've completed 27 during 2 visits, which greatly enhanced my experience to one of the most amazing “living” geology locations in the world. Tell us one cool fact we may not know about the Earth. As a result of melting glaciers retreating from areas long-covered by ice, many parts of Alaska are “rebounding,” which means they are increasing in elevation. Any cool stories to share? My brother and two nephews accompanied me on my first visit to Yellowstone National Park in 2013. After visiting “No Finger Painting Allowed,” GC1ZTH2, and watching the many mud pots burp and gurgle while we inhaled sulfur-laden fumes, my youngest nephew exclaimed “this place is disgustingly awesome!” Having a youngster think anything in a natural setting is “awesome,” is, well, “awesome!” Portuguese EarthCache Field Trip with Danieloliveira (right) and BTRodrigues (left) and Natasha. Rainbow's End: Grand Prismatic Spring—GC1JY47 Turnagain Arm Tidal Bore Earthcache—GCN6YV Umpire Rock—GLMWJAP2 Cabo de Roca—GLN7NVEB Ape Cave—GCZ8ZQ No Finger Painting Allowed—GLNN6T73 There are currently 24,271 active EarthCaches in the world. Have you ever found an EarthCache? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below! [...]

Hohe Überflutungsgefahr am Wochenende im Süden Deutschlands

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Der Sommer ist, was Temperaturen angeht, vorbei. Die Chancen auf Höchstwerte von sommerlichen 25 °C und mehr sind gering, aber vorhanden. Besonders im Breis- und Kraichgau kann das Thermometer noch einmal sommerliche Werte anzeigen. Bevor wir aber in den Genuss von Schönwetter kommen, ist erst mal Regen angesagt. Während verbreitet Regenschauer und einzelne Gewitter durchziehen, ist im Süden und ganz besonders im Südosten Deutschlands mit heftigem Starkregen zu rechnen.mehr: [...]

Schlossberg: His(_s)tory! GC1VCKY—Geocache of the Week

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Multi-Cache GC1VCKY by Team Knofl Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 2 Location: Steiermark, Austria N 47° 04.637′ E 015° 26.227 This 7 stage Multi-Cache in Graz, Austria will give you a historical tour of the prominent hillside of Schlossberg. Along the way you'll find cafes, restaurants, music venues, and other amenities. This tour will show you a side of the mountain, and will educate you on its history along the way. It is easy to see why the natural aesthetics and historical and artistic value of Austria would captivate people all over the world to travel to this regal region. Austria's second largest city, Graz is located in the province of Styria. Graz offers a strong variety of culture, activities, and places to explore! Located at the center of the city is a prominent mountain by the name of Schlossberg. Coupled by the panoramic view, the famous Uhrturm (which translates to clock tower in German) sits atop Schlossberg and is one of the main sightseeing stops in the city. You may feel beguiled by the foothills off in the distance, the Mur river flowing not too far away below, and the classic red clay rooftops. This cache will take you to several historical monuments along a pathway, with breathtaking views. The cache page tells the legendary story of 900 Graz soldiers defending Schlossberg after the Treaty of Vienna. In 1809, Napoleonic forces attacked the city with 3,000 men, and mostly destroyed the fortress atop the city's modest mountain. The first stage of this Multi-Cache is in honor of the Major that led the defense, Franz Hackher. There were no known images of him, so the Hackher Lion was constructed in place of a human statue. But did you know lions like beer? The Hackher Lion not only likes beer, but has a favorite beer in which he has been sitting on for over 40 years! Now Franz Hackher's spirit defends his beer. To move on to the next stage the geocacher will need to find out what kind of beer he is protecting. From here the Multi-Cache brings you to a mid 16th century cistern (a fancy water well),an octagonal bell tower holding “Liesl” the big bell inside, an old canon cottage with more auspicious views out the windows (pictured below), the bishop's chair, and a turkish well. Lastly, the seventh and final stage brings you to the symbol of Graz, the clock tower. The coordinates will bring you the gardens below, clad with colorful flowers and shrubbery. It is a tranquil area where students from the universities might study, or meet a friend. Built in the 13th century, the Uhrturm was designed to be seen from any point in the city. The clock hands were originally designed in the opposite way to what you normally see, in that the hour hand is larger than the minute hand. It was more important to them to see what the hour was from far distances. The people of Graz were forced to pay a ransom to keep the clock as part of the Treaty of Vienna. Not only is Schlossberg rich in history, but its vibrance is felt throughout the city. Each stop of this cache brings you back in history, and authentically tells a story that may not have otherwise been told to anyone just visiting the city. It is easy to see why the cache owner Team Knofl, would take the time to place a historical Multi-Cache here, TFTC! [...]

New: Official Posters For Your CITO Event

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CITO Week begins this Saturday! For the first time in geocaching history, there will be global CITO Week from September 17–25, 2016. Visit the CITO calendar to find an event near you. Are you hosting or helping out at one of these events? If so, these CITO materials are for you! You can use these posters to help promote your CITO Events during CITO Week and all year long. Posters To print and Post At Your CITO: Download a printable version here. Download a printable version here. Add THIS Official CITO Banner To YOur Event Page: Check out these instructions for adding an image to your geocache description. What do you have planned for your CITO Event? Tell us in the comments below. [...]
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