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I thought it was a geocache

How many times have you searched for a geocache, thinking you found it just to find that you’ve been duped? We asked geocachers on Facebook and Lackeys at HQ what sort of items tricked them into thinking they had found the cache, only to realize it really was just a…lawn sprinkler, for example. Read the funny “finds” below.

When you’ve done a couple of bicycle-caches and at number 5 all of a sudden a man asks you why you are removing the saddle of his bike…
-Suzanne J.

In a village in Hungary, I was convinced the cache was the sprinkler in the grass. I took the whole thing to pieces when the other half shouted from a different corner “I got it!” Now to put that sprinkler back together!
~Doris B.

I was certain all the loose wires on an electrical box were fake and that the cache was attached to the end – because I’d seen one like that once. It was only after almost dismantling the electrical box that I realized how very wrong I was!
~Gloria Z.

A HUGE plastic toad half under a rock, the cache was called Mr. Toad or something similar. We grabbed it and probed its underside for the log holder – it struggled and protested. Turns out it was a live toad. I have never laughed so much! We finally found the small plastic toad container nestled nearby. The toad crawled off unharmed and watched us from a safe distance!
~Lu S.

When caching in Norway a few years back, I opened the slightly oddly positioned wooden box that I thought was the cache. Fumbling around the strange metal construction inside in search of the container, when BANG – the vermin trap that it was slammed shut, almost cutting my fingers off. Escaped with the skin shaved off the outside of my little finger, and quite shocked. (And yes, the cache was in the birdhouse right behind me…)
~Dan I.

In Norway some years ago, I looked for a cache under a narrow bridge. Couldn’t see anything so I reached in and fumbled for the cache. Was very pleased when I felt it and grabbed to pull it out. The wasps on the other hand were not so pleased with me grabbing their home, so instead of a cache, I got a very swollen hand.
~Marina F.

I once had one near the waterfront, a nice quiet area. Coords kept pulling me towards this emergency lifebuoy in its holder. I’m standing there for nearly an hour, god knows what people were thinking of me feeling up and around a life ring. [The] cache turned out to be a very appropriate shark toy hidden inside a pole next to where the lifebuoy was being held. This was the first year of caching for me, and the very first of that type of hide for me. Really kicked myself for that, but was definitely a favourite hide, especially when I had to fish the logbook out of the shark’s belly!
~Kevin B.

There was no hint given as to where this cache was and I was just about ready to take the sign apart because I was convinced it was hidden somewhere on/in it. Finally, on my FOURTH attempt to find it, I decided to check around it, and I found the cache. It was one of those nano’s you can hang in a tree!
~David L.

Real rock? Attached metal bolt? Actual chewing gum? Have you ever been duped while geocaching? Share your stories in the comments below!

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