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Geocache of the Week Flashback Edition: “The Original 1988 Field of Dreams”

by The-DuHawks
Iowa, United States
N 42° 29.711 W 091° 03.296′

“When you believe the impossible, sometimes the incredible comes true.” 

Geocaching has a way of guiding us to incredible adventures near, far, and everywhere in between. We decided to revisit some Geocaches of the Week to show off some of our favorite caches which deserve another look.

With the baseball season in full swing, we wanted to bring back this heavy hitter of a Geocache of the Week, “The Original 1988 Field of Dreams,” located at the film set from the historic American motion picture Field of Dreams

Image by TeamDAAK.

Field of Dreams, released in 1989 on the silver screen, captivated audiences with a tale about overcoming doubt, betting on the improbable, and sticking it out even when the going gets tough. Nominated for three Academy Awards, the film resonated in all corners of America, pulled at Americans’ heartstrings, and is homebase for a geocache!

Image by PJM (Iowa/Nederland).

We originally featured this cache as a Geocache of the Week back in 2015, when the four year-old cache had already accumulated numerous Favorite points. Six years later, the cache has amassed 170 Favorite points from cachers around the globe, and plenty of geocaching love!

The coordinates bring you to the entry sign, a diamond-shaped welcome beckoning you to enter a piece of America’s cinematic history. While not necessarily the most difficult or physically tasking cache, more than 800 geocachers have notched this find thanks to its proximity to a venue of cinematic and baseball history.

Image by TeamDAAK.

Situated next to towering corn fields reaching up to 8 feet tall, this cache invites you to run the bases and take in some movie magic. Once your visit is complete, you may ask yourself “Is this Heaven?” but “No, it’s Iowa!”

The cache owner, The Du-Hawks, was inspired to place this incredible cache after their parents were cast as background actors in the film’s final scene. Even years after placing the cache, geocachers still come out of the corn to find this sensational hide.

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