by Trycacheus
North Dakota, United States
N 48° 09.104′ W 097° 27.587′

We’ve got the need, the need for speed! Slow and steady will not get you anywhere with this Geocache of the Week, GC6M65N. The only way to get your hands on the logbook is to burn a little rubber on the backroads of Gilby, North Dakota.

Believe it or not, locating the cache container is the easy part. Follow the coordinates on the cache page and make your way to ground zero. You’ll find the cache container in a well-disguised, but not impossible, spot. After opening the ammo can, you find a magical tool in the box, but what does it mean? The logbook is locked in a bottom compartment with a padlock keeping it from you.

Image by 2Cheifs.

Upon further inspection, you find careful instructions on the cache page from the CO. Trycacheus reads, “Please be careful with her; she likes to cruise at around 40-50 mph, as she scares easily.” Vroom vroom…

After feeling the wind blow past you and the numbers light up, it’s time to return to GZ to unlock the padlock that holds the magic logbook!

Image by flowers22.

Job well done on this cache! It’s not every day you have to use your car as a Tool of the Trade to unlock a geocache container! What great adventure is next?

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